chapter 34

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Its 12:50 and im exhausted. My shift is over. Do i signed out and walked to my car. And got on my phone. And i have 5 missed calls 3 by ronnie and 2 by Jacob. And i have 3 voicemails.

One was from jacob and it said
"Hey yn i was just wondering if we can hang at hang. Or go to a party tonight.

The other two was from ronnie. It said.
"Yn call me we need to talk. "
"Call me yn when you outta work."

I called jacob back and he answered.

Jacob: Hello
You: yeah wassup
Jacob: you wanna go to this hype party at 2:00a.m
You: you gone ditch me.
Jacob: idk but r u in.
You: ight be me up at 1:30
Jacob: ight see ya

I decided to call ronnie later. When i got home it was around 12:30.

So i hurried and got out the shower and got dress into this. (in the media)

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