chapter 14

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So I'm in 1st hr just dozzing off into my thoughts. I feel sorry for myself. My use to be bffl betraded mii. I miss how mii, jamea, and jamiya use to crack up and have empire nights. It was the bomb diggity bomb.

Then I was extra mean to my bff the only girl that understood mii. N I be trade her. O god why my life so fucked up.

Then my bother prodigy we hardly talk to each other we used to talk all the time till he met Princeton.

Its like Princeton always ruining my life like wtf. He always on my tipp.

I went out of gaze when the bell rung. I walked the long way to third hr. I sat in my assign seat. Then Princeton set by me. Then I saw Jacob and Kaylah walk in laughing and talking.

I just felt so bad so I got up and walked out and went to the empty computer lab. And sat there I needed a nap.

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