chapter 26

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So im in 8th hour. (Social studies)
And I'm sitting here ms.cuevas has a sub today... I'm doing my work right to keep my grades up.

So im doing my work then I get tapped. It these girl that got all these tracks up in her head like take that shit out...

Her: so I heard you have been a thotty and kissing my boyfriend

U: nd whom may this be

Her: Princeton

U: baby girl he fucking kissed me I told him to stop he hit me n I kicked that nigga in his damn balls tf..

Her: bitch don't cuss at me but hoes like you * push your head back* should keep their hands off of other people boyfriends

Did she just oh yes she did

You immediately got up turned around start punching her and punching her the security tried to get me off of her but I got a good ass grip on them tracks then the police the police yanked me off of her I was like annnnnnnn bitch look I got something....

Fast ford

I'm at home I tapped that bitch hair on my wall...
My damn prize for beating a bitch ass you go Yn....... Bitches got me fucked up If they think they gone put they hand on me tf

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