chapter ①③

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I don't even feel like going to school. But I got to if I wanna be something. So I got up took a shower and did my routine ya know. I walked down stairs and heated me a pretzel. When I got to school I sat down at an empty table. Then I get tapped. It was jamiya.

Jamiya: Yn

Just look at her.

Jamiya: please tell me your not still mad

Yn: I don't wanna talk about it I got other problems.

Jamiya: the only reason you got problems because your afraid to stick up for your self

Yn: okay Jamiya if ya want mii to stick up for myself. I start with you by saying GTF out my damn face before I buck your ass

Jamiya: you do to much routing everybody out. What your problem.

Yn: just go

She left then the bell rung. I gotup and walked off. I put my shit in my locker and left. I bumped into Kaylah and Jacob and she fell I wanted to help her but I couldn't next thing ik is that she pushed mii back. Say :

Kay:wtf is your damn problem. Don't fucking bump mii n keep walking.

I turned around and saw Jacob I didn't want to fight kaylah bad enough I'm mean to her. I just got my shit and walked away.

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