Chapter 1

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Yn pov

2/3/2015 Tuesday

I wake up to my alarm clock sing Throw sum more by nicki minaj and Rae shermurd. I got up and went to my bath and did my routine I look at the clock it read 6:30am. I got dressed in the school uniform which was an white collar shirt with navy blue pant I put on my black and blue Jordan's (pic at top or side) and grabbed my hello kitty book bag and headed to school I met up by the brige my 2 bestfreinds Jamiya and Jamea. We were walking together.

*At school*

We walked in the lunch room and sat at a table by ourselves and ate our break fest.

Jamiya: Yn whatchu do for the weekend

Yn:nun much listened to music

Jamiya:aw jamea

Jamea: with family oh

Yn spotted Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal coming.

What will happen idk let's see

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