Chapter 37

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JacobP pov

So i got bored. I dont know how but i did. And i was tired of being around sluts. And stuck up bitches. So i went to the bar an got me a drink.

Then i saw yn walking towards my. She looked mighty fine. Idk wtf i was thinking in high school. But this girl bangin. And let me tell you about that ass. Ohh that ass. .

I asked her if she wanted to dance. When we was dancing it felt like heaven. I was falling for this girl.


Yn was getting tired so i picked her up.  I wasnt taking her home bc i didnt feel like going that way. She was sleep in the car anyways.

When we got to my house. I gave her a big shirt. And some basket ball shorts.

Yn pov

I didnt fell like going home and jacob just took me to his house and i was totaly good with it. He gave me some stuff to sleep in.

We i got out he was all fast asleep. So i climbed in his bed with him. And buried my head in his chest. I felt soo comfy. And i felt safe when he wrapped his arms around me.

I loved ever site of this man. But he might no feel the same about me.


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