chapter 48

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Jacob pov/ Princeton

So me and Ray was walking to the store and i was telling him about yn. Then we heard a moan in a ally.

We both looked at each other like wtf. We went into the alley and saw this girl bloody. Then we saw. Who it was. It was milly. She was in a pool of blood. And ig Ray was close or knew her really well bc he hurried and picked her up. And we rushed to the hospital.


We rushed in the hospital and Ray was just yelling at the lady. When she got the nurse. She pulled me back. And told me i had to fill out forms.

Then i recognized it was yn. My heart sunk low-key. She looked tired. And irritaed. I tried to explain myself. But ig she wasnt in the mood.

3 hours later. °the voice off of spongebob°


i was tired and yn came to me. She tried to act like she didnt know or w.e

"Um sir your freind told me to tell you. You can go home he got this." she said without making eye contact.

I just shrugged it off and left. Its w.e.

Imma just plan something to make it up to her. I dont understand why she got to be so stuck up.

But i love her stuck up ass.

Yn pov

My shift was over so i went home and got in a nice hot shower. And got into some comfy pajamas.

I decided to call Jacob. Because i feel like i overreacted. Like we wasnt even together. He got hoes. And i cant forget that i guess or w.e.

Ring ring ring

"Hello" he said
"Hey um Jacob" i said nervous.
"Wassup" he said
"I think i overreacted ya'know" you said
"No no you didnt i totally understand thats y im gonna make it up to ya" he said
"Really how" you said unsure.
"Just wait and see" he said. Than hung up.


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