chapter 32

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Yn pov

Jacob: im sorry

Yn: for what

Jacob: for bulling you and for ruining you high school life.

Yn: um its okay i accept

Jacob: but now im a grown man. Dont have anytime for foulish things.

Yn: ok'k

Jacob: it looks like you date stole my date

Yn: yeah ik. I should just maybe go home oh yeah he drove me here.

Jacob: ill take you.

Yn:um idk about that.


Yn:um okay

The ride home was quiet aaf. But it was comfy. I gave him directions. While we was on the high way. My ☎ rung

Phone: 2 Cups 
2 Blunts 
Shorty ass tweaked
Don't be dumb 
Wait hold on

Who the fuck is this on my line this time?
Broke bitch I ain't got a dime this time
Its ronnie

You: hello
Ronnie:wya i dont see you
You:im getting a ride home since you wanna adore someone else.
Ronnie:oh so you being a hoe now getting in other niggahs car
You:hell no who tf you callin a hoe.
Ronnie: mann you know what i anit got time for this. I thought you was some but it looks like you wanna be a hoe.
You:wtf. I dont have to explain myself to You.

Then you hung up in his face.

You was soo upset you didnt even know you was at yo house. You felt like crying but u to strong for that. Fuck that ion need him.

You were all in yo thoughts untill..

Jacob: u ight

Yn:huh yeah im ight thank you i appreciate it.

Jacob:your welcome. You need anything call me same number.

Yn:alr. You to. Bye.

Jacob pov

Lowkey i was ear hustling there covo. And i didnt like how that ronnie talked to my future. And he made her mad and feel hurt. Awe i was mad. But i had to play ot off ya'know. And that niggah took my date. Like wtf.

Too cool down. I turned my radio up. And Post ro be (remix) came on. And i start singing trey song part.

Kaylah pov

So im at this party and i was getting tired and jay'von was to. Thats when i saw that boy ronnie yn date kissing all up on some tramppy girl. I shook my head. And put on jay'von coat. Then i heard ronnie yelling at somebody otp.
I just got jacob and we left

Yn pov
I was sitting her thinking. Then my phone start ringing

2 Cups 
2 Blunts 
Shorty ass tweaked
Don't be dumb 
Wait hold on

Jacob:you ight
Yn:yeah how you get my number.
Jacob:you texted me on mistake ig.
Yn: well goodnight im sleepy
Jacob: ight me to.

End of covo
So you k.o✌

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