Chapter 42

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Yn pov

I was soo surpised also upset because he took up for me andi was upset bc ronnie was calling me names right in front of Jacob. I sucked it up and decided. To text princeton ughh here we go.

Princeton/jacob pov

I was drinking this nasty ass naked veggy drink. (naked itls a vegetarian drink.) why tf i got spendage. Then i got a text message.

My future
Hey Jacob

Wassup how you been.

Idk feelings ran over my head. And im sorry for ronnie. And thanks for taking up for me. I love you for that.

No promblem he should came up to my future like that. Love you to.

Wym "future

Um yeaah i was gone ask you if you want to go on a date. With me toma.

Yeah sure ill love too.


Im sorry for the short chapter brain wash and wattpad wont let me show emojis
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