Chapter 39

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When i got out the shower and wrapped a white towel around my body. And peeked out the door.
Jacob was sitting on his bed on his phone.
So you walked out slowly. He notice. And started laughing.

Yn: whhhaaaatttt.
Jacob: lol nun i bought you some clothes here
He threw me a bag
Yn: thanks you.
Jacob: anytime bab- i mean yn.

You went bathroom and it was a pink bra pink panties and an pink outfit -in media- and you put on some bath and body works lotion.

When you walked out. He got up and handed his hand out. You graved it.

Yn: where we going.
Jacob: six flags.
Yn: frfr. Yay. Omgsh
Jacob: happy huh
Yn: yass can we ride ever roller coaster. And ever ride. Please
Jacob: lol why you think we going early
Yn:oh thamk you jakey
Jacob: anytime.

When we got in the car. He turned up yhe music bc its gone be a 2hr ride to six flags. We was goofing around and laughing and having fun.

2hrs later

We finally arrived at six flags. When we first walked into them gates. My eyes turned big and my heart was pumping. I was soooo happy and excited. Jacob just laughed.

I graved his hand and we ran to this roller coaster that was spinning and going up and down. We waited like 2mins. And got on. I grave jacobs hand when we got on and closed my eyes. I was nervous and excited at the same time.

When the ride started i started bc we was going so high up. It like a swing put you turning and going really fast in the air. After like ten rides me and jacob went to go buy an elephant ear. We ate one together.


We just got done doing ever ride and playing games. I had a cape on and a big bear. And jacob had an cape and a bear to. I had a big one he had a cozy holding size bear.

We haddd so much funnnnnn

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