chapter 28

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Yn pov

Now its a new and fresh day at school. While I was walking to the school I saw Jacob and his group of friends. I didn't say anything. Just kept walking. Why? Because I'm shy. What if he start acting fake. In we in a relationship and everything. But what if he reject me. What if he push me away. I don't want to go threw that.

So I was on the bridge look at the corner of my eye. Then I saw that bitch. All up on Jacob. I just took a deep breath and pulled my phone out plugged into my headphones.

Than I texted Jacob say

Jacob if girls or you can't keep yo hands or their hand of them or you. We can't do this then. So for now you single. And I'm single.

You took a deep breath and put your phone in your pocket. And walked your path. Then you just felt like you didn't want to go to school so u turned around and headed home.

When you got home. You thought that your old enough to get your own house. and a car. So you bought them both with all the Money you'll been saving.

The person that's selling me the house said it'll be. Ready in 2 weeks.

So I just laid down and looked at the ceiling. Then I got a text.

Jay: mannn I don't even care. I was just using to get the puh. It was a bet to go with you.

You didn't even text back. All you did was lay down and thought you could sleep it off.

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