Chapter 38

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JacobP Pov.

I woke up with yn in my arms. She looked so peaceful and beautiful. I was comfortable. But i gotta get up. So i slowly slipped out and replaces it with a pillow. Then u went to the bathroom to shower.

Yn pov

So i woke up in someones else room. Thats when i remeber that i slept over Jacobs. I heard tge water running. So im gueesing he's in the shower.

I went to get my phone. And i got a Unknown text saying. "I saw you Bitch with "my" motherfucking man. I replied saying " bitch Idk who tf you talking about. Frfr."
Unknown number " well just know i will do anything for him."
" he not even all that cute anyways u tweaking" lies.

Next thing you'know is Jacob coming out the bathroom only in an towel. Damn

You got up nevously. And waved and started going to take a relaxing shower. Until you notice you anit got no clouths. Dammit.


Who you think that was. Honesty idk either

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