Chapter 35

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Yn pov

So i called Jacob if he was ready. I was like 3 rings then he answered. "Hello". "Yeah are you ready". "yeah im bout to head out come yo way now". "alright by see you soon".

Within 10mins i heard a horn. I graved my purse and me jacket to keep me warm. And made sure i had my phone. I walked to his jeep and hopped in.

You: hey jacob
Jacob: wassup. I see u dress nice.
You: thanks. Where the club at
Jacob: at a big ass house.
You: lol ok.

He was wearing a white tee shirt. Whit a rolex watch. And a chain that in gold that had a peace sign to it. And some true religions with so all white nikes. Looking fresh.

About 20 mins later we got to the party. He was right this house is bigget then i expected.

Jacob: ight. If you get lost or uncomfortable call me or text me. Ill feel it. Alr.
You: alr.

Then he knocked on the door. And i saw Chresantos.

Chres: ayeeee wassup.
Jacob:wassup man.

We walked in. Im going to get something to drink. And when i got there i ask for the lightes drink they got. Next thing i know i feel a pair of large hands around me.


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