chapter 2

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So they came and sat across from you and your friends you sat their and didn't make eye contact just waited for first period.

Prince: Ynnnnnnn


Prince:Tf ynnnnnn


Prince: come here

You slowly got up and walked toward him making no eye contact set in the seat next to him

Prince: why you set right there

Yn:you said come here

Prince: duhhh not right there right here *pointing to his lap*

Yn:*gets up and sit on lap* .......

Prince:look at me

Yn:*slowly looks up and fell a sharp pain he slapp the shit outta you.

Prince:Yn if tell you to come don't take yo damn time okay


The bell rung and you got up but to be pushed back down on his lap.

Prince: were you going your staying here with daddy

You were afraid and stiff he laid back and said why you so stiff you didn't answer him

Prince: hello

Yn:be cause I'm going to be late can I plz go plz.

Prince:go ahead

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