chapter 27

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So I'm laying down in my bed...then I hear taps on my window... You looked out the window it was Princeton in a tree... Like wtf is he doing in the tree.... But I'm gonna let him stay there bc he told his Lil girlfriend I kissed him but he kissed me....

Prince: Yn come on open the window. Then i looked n he fell... Omgsh i hurried up and threw my house shoes on and team out the door.. I see prince flat on the ground...
Prince: help me up
You help him up when you help him up you saw that it was a brues.... And was bleading. So you helped him in the bathroom.

U: Prince take off every except you draws

Prince: y u trnna get freaky

U: no bc you have a scare on your chest and your thigh..

Prince: oh

He took of his shirt then his pants u walked over him... You wrapped his chest up... Now you had whipped down his leg.. And wrapped that..

You: u should know your girlfriend should be doing this

Prince: what girlfriend baby I'm single...

You: the blonde hair track girl she skinny....

Prince: oh kayvayla I don't like her... I broke up with her 2 years ago....

You: what well oh well.

Prince: Yn can I tell you something

You : yeah IG

Prince: Yn I'm sorry I bullied you.... The only reason I did is because I had a crush on you and I felt like u didn't have one back... So i started bulling u..... But the truth is I love you

U: awwwwww
You gave prince a hug
U: its okay I understand

Prince: your hurting me

U: come let's go upstairs
U laid him down on your bed and kissed his cheek and sat on the side

Prince: where is your mother

U:When I come from school she's at work she get off at 12:00

Prince: oh

Princeton sat up and he gave u a kiss... You kissed back... Now y'all is in a relationship

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