Chapter 43

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Yn pov

I woke up to the morning sunlight. I was inna good mood. I felt so good. I got up and went to the bathroom. And splashed my face with water. Not caring if my hair curl up. No biggie. It was about 11:58a.m .damn. I must 'ov been sleepy

My phone started to ring. It was Princeton. My heart fluttered a lil bit. But i shook it off.

"Hello" i said smiling threw the phone. "Wassup baby girl" "shit nun. "So our date" "oh yeah whats the occasion." "Just wear something you can move around in and be ready around 1:00" "ight" with that i hung up


I was already and just sitting on tje couch till he here. Low-key im nervous asf man.
- i wore whats in the media-

We arrived at sky zone. I was sooo happy. We paid for out socks. And a hour of jumping. And. When we waked it the jumping area they were playing dodge ball. I was on the team. Seprate from Jacobs team.

He couldnt get me and we were the last ones left he threw hos ball and i cought it. YAY i won.

A hour later

We on our way to a restaurant. I thought we was going to a nice fancy resurant but ig i was wrong. We went on a beach. And i took off my shoes following him. He led us tooo the most beautiful site. Omgsh. The sun was set. I was just beautiful.

When we got done eating he picked me up and was running for the ocean i was trnna get out his gripp. "Noooooo Stoppp i dont wannnaa get wettt." i thought he was gone throw me in but he didnt.
"Wanna dance" "ight

He turned on Dabb on em. Shit we was killing.

-if you dont know how to do it or dont know it look it up. I put the song one here. Press the speaker thingy.-

We was enjoying pur time. This was the best day ever. After we got done goofing off. We sat down a looked at the skys.


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