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Next morning
Yn pov

So i woke up and took a nice hot shower and put my hair in a nice bun. An put on the outfit in the media. Then i hit up my cousin brittnie bc i wanna get my 4 years old God Son Octavian. To take him shopping.


So me and Octavian at River Oaks Mall. And i bought him an hol bunch of stuff he was soo excited. We were walking to Rue 21 bc i want me this big black tutu. Bc it was pretty.

We was on our way till i see Jacob all hooked up on this girl. Like all up on her.

I felt upset and angry. Bc this mean he didnt mean anything we had yesterday.

But its w.e it not like was together. Imma just simply tell him to lose my number. So me and Octavian walked to where he was.
"Hey um Jacob right" i said looking straight at him smiling.

"Uh-um it-its nit what it looks like" he said looking soo nervous.

"Mann its w.e ya'know bc its not like we together so im not even gone trip. But just loose my number i dont even want to talk to you nomore." i said turning around on my heels.

I picked up Octavianand startef heading the oppsite direction until Jacob graved my arm and tried to pull me back

"Stop touching me wtf do u want" i said as i snatched my arm from him.

"Fuck do u mean u anit gone trip loose yo number. I swear man u been trippin" he said we an attitude in my face.

I put down Octavian and told him to go to the play area bc we was right next us.

"Y u trippin on me dude. Dont you got a date.  She waiting" i sarcastically laughed and pointed to her.

" mann im not even worried about her right now. Im on you right now" he said

"Fuck you prince you got a fucling problem thinking you can sweet talk me then and kiss me like you mean it. Then you gone go back behind my back and stave me. Bet that didnt mean shit to u. You the fucking one that trippin. Now move" i said trying to move pass him.

"U just Jealous. You come running back watch" he said with a smirk

"I just pushed back by him.

"WHAT" i said now mad. Getting ready to punch ol dude

"Why you so mad calm yo lil ass down." he said laughing in my face.

"Because you think everything a joke. And your still a boy. The still same dumb ass boy from high school" i said pushing pass him.

I went and told Octavian to come on. We got in the car
And i buckled him in the front seat bc he said he a big boy

"What do u want to eat Octavian" i said looking in the rear view.

"Ohh can i get chicwen nuggets and bugwer. And a Slwoshi." He said in his baby voice "Yeah"

So i went. To Wendeys and ordered it. And got me a baconator fry. Then i went to taco bell and got the sloshi.

I reacched in the back and put his gold chain on him.


I arrived home. After i droped off Octavian and took out my phone and checked it. 60 missed calls and 50 unread messeages.

He need to move around real quick.

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