Chapter ①②

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Okay in this chapter I'm going to name a place name sky zone. Sky Zone is a trampoline place you get to jump and play  doge ball , basket ball you name it they got it lol

Yn pov

So I'm in ms.floreszack and I see that Jacob dude hug Kaylah he looks like he could be a good friend. Then i fell a tap on my sholder. It was Prince

Prince: what in the mutherfucking hell do you think you doing

You: um

Prince: um um what I tell yo bitch ass.

You: not to talk look or touch Kaylah

Prince: then y ya doing it

You: idk

(In your head  bc she a true friend like others)

Prince: like I thought
At home

So im at home just trnna get my mind straight. Then my bother knocked on my door. Saying someone at the door for me.

I get up to see who it was my luck it was Kaylah. I felt like it was a trick. So I slammed the door then I heard a thump. I went upstairs to my room.

Kaylah POV

So I decided to see what was Yn problem try to give her another chance. I knocked on the door and her bother appear.

Prod: wassup shawty

Mii: hey uh Yn here

Prod: yeah hol up

Mii: k

I was standing there to get a door slammed in my damn face.

I was feriuos what did I do I didn't do shit. I don't even know why I even I tried.

So snatch my freindship bracelet of and threw it. Fuck her. I can get through life without her. With that I hot in my jeep and took my ass home. TF

Prince POV

I was on my way to my friend prod house. I saw a car backing out. I just pulled up when I walked up to the 5th step I saw this bracelet I picked it up must be his. I knocked on the door and he answered.

Prod: wassup bruh

Prince: sup dis yours

Prod: nahh must be my sisters

We walked upstairs and he stopped by this door and told somebody in that room to stop littering. She said shut up. Man I wonder who dat.


I was bout to fall asleep till my brother talking bout some stop littering and it was a friendship bracelet. Damn I felt bad. But I don't want to feel pain. Its either pain or pleasure.

Kaylah POV

So I decided to hit up Jacob l. And ask I f he wanted to go to sky zone and jump and have. Because I don't have time for stress. We at sky zone we on the basket ball one i did three jump and made a dunk. Mii: yay

Then jay jumped really  high did a front flip and dunked. See Kaylah you can have fun without ha.

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