Chapter 36

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Yn pov

You felt someone hands on you.

I was getting ready to slap the person who ever had they flity ass hand on me. Turned out it was ronnie. He smirked at me.

Ronnie: damn girl why so uptight
You: boy move around.
Ronnie: u tweaking.
You: you the one tweaking of you think you can put your hands on me like we cool.
Ronnie: why yo fat ass always trippin.

Right then and there. I was sooo offened. I didnt even wanna say shit back to him. Fuck boy ass niggah.

I walked in the crowed. And my song came on. "My Beyonce" by lil durk and dej loaf. I was singing and dancing. I was in my zone. Having my own lil fun. Ya'know.

I was hyped with the crowd. Then Im Rolling Came on With thw Crowd. We all was singing. It was hyped.

A lil on later. My throat kinda felt dry. So i went to go get a drink. I saw Prince sitting there. Drinking some. I sat by him and orderd a Sprit. 'Anit nobody trnna get drunk then get preggy. Tahh not me.'

You: hey jacob
Jacob:wassup. Having fun.

Then a slow somg came on by Jacquess Persian Rugs.

Jacob: wanna dance
You: yeah.

So we hit the dance floor. Jacob put me so close to him. I can smell his cologne.

I laid my head on his chest. And he huged me by my waist.
We rocked to the beat.
He started grinding on me. And he turned me around. And started holding me from the back. I even felt something it in my heart. I wonder do he feel it to.

When it got toward the end of the song. He was staring me in my eyes. Then, BOOM we kissed. I felt like i was about to melt into a thousond Pisces. I loved it soo much. I just wonder how he feels.



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