chapter 11

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Yn pov:

So its 6:00am and im doing my routine. I going to walk to school today with kaylah. I walk to her house that was a block away. She was already waiting outside for me. She waved. We started walking to school. Kaylah adked me if i mind if she play music on her phone.

20 minutes later

So we are sitting at the lunch table eating cereal. I saw an unfamiliar face at Princeton table. Then Princeton looked at us and started walking over here with that boy behind. Princeton sat by me n the other boy jus sat by kaylah. Princeton said this is the new boy Jacob Latimore. Kaylah smiled and shooked his hand. The bell rang then i got pulled back.

Princeton: were you think your going your staying here with daddy.

You groaned quietly.

Princeton: let mii tell you something. I dont want you talking to that girl kaylah. Or i will beat the shit out of you. You dont want that right huh.

You: no

Princeton: then stay away. If i see you with her ill fuck you up foe disobeying.

You: okay

Kaylah pov:

Me and that new boy got the same schedule. So i told him he can follow me. He is sooooo sexy. But he wouldnt like me. But i wonder were yn at she hasnt came to 1st period. The bell rung and me and the new boy walked to 2hr health. I looked i saw yn and Princeton walk in i waved she ignored. She sat in the back. I think she need space. We listened to this lady talking about sex. Of course i wasnt listening i was to worried about yn.

Yn pov:

I felt bad about ignoring kaylah she nice and funny. But i just dont feel like feeling the pain from Princeton. Princeton eyed me hard. I put my head down. I was sleepy i just sat gir that hour.

Jacob Latimore pov

Im sitting here listening to the lady. Its interesting because she talking bout sex. When i looked at kaylah she looked worried and upset. I wonder what wrong. Ill ask her in the hall when we go to ms.floreszack (math intervition) the bell rang and i got up. Kaylah tapped that girl. She just pushed kaylah away. Kaylah grabbed her arm and asked her whats wrong but jerked away. Kaylah looked hurt. She grabbed my hand and said lets go. Im taller then kaylah im 5'6 she like 5'1 but she could grabbed.

Yn pov

I felt bad doing that to kaylah i didnt mean it she looked hurt abd mad. I fely bsd doing this.

Kaylahs pov

Wtf did i ever do to her all i have been doing was being nice and caring and what dhe mad foe i didnt do shit to deserve this i was furious. I didnt want to persent that stupid project with her so i just throw it at her and stormed away with jacob L. He looked at me like he cared or some shit when we got to ms.flreszack class i sat far away from her. With jacob l by my side. He asked whats wrong.

JL: what's wrong.

Mii: i be nice and ger treated wrong.

He just gave ne a hug it calmed me down alot.

Mii: thank you

JL: anytime.


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