chapter 9

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yn pov


I didnt even feel like going to school.

But i got up anyways. I put on my navy blue joggers with a white collar shirt and a An navy blue sweater. I put on my blue and purple jordans. That just came out. I put on my hello kitty bookbag and just walked out and walked to school. When i got there i didnt want to be bothered i was mad bc my freinds traded me for roc and ray i just needed someone to talk to. I was sitting eating my breakfest. Then i hear people say theres a new girl named kaylah (yay mii) i looked she looked shy she had on the purple kd's with navy blue pants and a white shirt with a hello kitty bookbag it jus hers was light green. She went to a table by herself and put her head down. Then prince got up n tapped her. Omgsh what he gone do now

Kaylah pov

i was very nervous i came from detroit to chicago i didnt know what to do so i just put my head down. I felt someone tap me i lift my head up i saw this curly head boy. I waved he smile and said can i sit. I said yeah.

?? By the way my name is jacob but call me princeton

kaylah:um okay

prince:you want me to show and tell you what n what not to do.


prince:okay those are nerds then those the popular bitches, you see that girl over there points to you thats my bitch , then them my best freinds to tables down.

Kaylah:um okay can you show me where my locker at

prince: i cant matafact i gotta go know bye kaylah see you


I think he lieing bout that girl but idc what he just told me the bell rang i looked for 1099. I walked around looking. Then i bumped into that girl

Kaylah:sorry im so so sorry

yn:its good are you okay you look condused.

kaylah:yeah i just cant find these classes

yn:lemmie see

i gave it to her o that next to mines right here and you got your next 6 classes with me its just that you got for 7th you haved spanish 8th health so just stay with me kay

kaylah kay

Yn pov

she seems pretty nice .

She just look so unconfrotable. I woould to if i were on her condition.

But right now we got ms.g.

We walked in and she sat by me. Ms. G was like hi my name is ms. G can you tell us about you.

Kaylah POV

Omg i got up all eyes on me shit i closed my eyes and took a deep breath

"Hi my name is Kaylah williams I came from Detroit 7 mile i mixed with black n Indian n Puerto Rican and yeah that's it" I smiled and sat my bitch ass down

In my 6 period class i have a project with that girl i think her name is Yn yeah that's it she said I can come over today.

I walked to my 7th hour and sat down in health i hae to sit by that boy that talked to me earlyer

Boy:hey Kaylah


Boy:you remember my name

Me: no


Me:o yeah

Then the end of the day came. Woo i wanted to get outta there

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