Chapter 41

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Princeton Pov

I walked into my house tired. And laid on my bed. Tired asf. I had a feeling everytime i touch her. But when we kissed i felt like i was I-i-n love. Hell nahh im tripping i dont fall for bitches.

The next morning
Yn pov

I woke up feeling wonderfully. I felt like i should go so the gym. Bc i dont wanna be fat. -outfit in media-

At the gym.

So i running on the treadmill. Running miles. I stopped and sat down whipping my fast. That when i felt somebody wrapped their arm around my waist. And turned around it was just Jacob.

"Damn you scared the hell outrta me." i said. "Sorry babygirl. But u was wondering if you can help me with the weight life. Imma try to lift 20 pounds. So he laid down and i hold his legs down.

"Sit down bc that not gone help" he said. I sat down. Nervous asf. Why? Because i can feel his look.

Princeton pov

This potion i like. I was on 56. She look sooo sexy. I woukd like to see this shit in action im enjoying this.


I sat up and Looked her in her eyes. I leaned in to kiss her. Then i heard ummm.

I looked and it was some niggah that was yn date the other day. I hold yn on my lap. She looked at me wired then just rest. That dude looked at us mad

"So you being a hoe now" he said looking at her. " why do you care" she said with anger in her voice. "Im not, i hope you motherfucking pussy bust while they run a train on your ass" he said angrily. I got up and said some i didnt want to say. " Niggah y u buggin. And she anit no thot. U just a pussy ass niggah that sorry. Bet you anit getting no pussy. With ya punk ass. Dont you dare talk to MY FUTURE like that. Or else" i said camly.
"Or else what" he said we a smirk. " just know it anit gone pretty lil boy" i said

5mins later.

Yn left. I asked if she wanted to. Come over later. She looked upset.

I just love her


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