chapter 23

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So y'all went up to yo room.. You dropped your bookbage and sat on your bed and looked at prince.

U: soo... Let's get started

Prince: nahh I got a betta idea

U: um what

Prince: this

He walked up to you and started kissing you. You were so surprise you wanted to stop but something said no. Now he's on top of you. He puts him hand on you clivage you pushed him back

U: um prince I don't feel like this a good idea I think we should stop

Prince: no its a good idea trust me

U: um I'm okay. Let's just work on the project.

Prince: okay IG

U got out a sheet of paper... And drew a line in the middles and put Yn on one side then put Jacob on the other side

Prince: why you gotta put the "gov" name

U: what different

Prince: im a boy you a girl. Its a lot


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