Lunch: Chapter 5

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So I'm at lunch waiting in line like everyone else when Prince cutted mi I didn't care He turned around and looked down at me he laughed at me for not taking up for myself but shrugged it off

In thoughts

I fucking hate this school people says theirs something wrong with. When people tick mii off I get mad and Shayla says ooooo Yn needs her medicine im crazy or any of that I normal but different I just gotta find it yaknow I then I get pressure from Princeton calling me names like whore, slut,thot,bitch and other things I fucking hate it but I try to rubb it off I'm not a whore I'm still a virgin I'm not a bitch I'm a boss ass bitch duhh I ant know thot I can't put seven dick in my mouth tf I look like get that shit straight for sure.
End of thoughts

Prince pov
Yn like she was in deep deep thought then she snapped out of it told the lunch lady what she wanted I wonder what she was thinking.But I ant gone worry much.

Yn pov

So went to the tables were the girls were and I saw Roc and ray there they were making googly faces. I looked at prince and he was talking to his other friends I sat at the end so they won't say nun to mii I just wanna be in peace and think.

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