feeling: Chapter 8

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P: you know what we should do


p: madness fuck rough sex ya know

y:um no niggy

P: y

y:have no time

p: come on it take away time

y: no

p: ight let feel on each other

Y: um no

p: please i start

He went by yoh and put his hand on your thight and went into your school pants and touch you you felt something but shrugged it off. He tooked his hand and smelled it and he said it smell like strawberrys and looked at me weird i shurrged i dunno what to do i wasnt thinking right

he grabed my hand and put it on he school pants and moved it down i felt this long bump i he smiled and put it his pants and i felt it it was smooth i didnt kno what to do he said grave it i didnt kno how then he told me to grab it again i just did it he grunted i looked at him did i hurt so i took my hand out. He looked at me n said can he grind on me i just looked at my hand he picked me up and put me on the bed and i just laid down he pulled down he pants n threw him showing his calvin klien boxers he got on to and grind on me hard he bit his lip and then we heard a horn he got off me and threw on his pants and looked at the clock it said 12:20 he looked out the window he looked at me he laughed because i didnt kno what was happening and shocked he said yn this is our little secrect noone elses do tell nobody or your days will be wroser i nodded my head slowly i laid their shock and just thinked to get my mind straight

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