Chapter 16

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Jacob L POV

Tbh I feel sad bc how could she be trade her like that but something is telling me that something fishy.


I woke up around 5. It was Friday so that mean dress down day. So I got up and did my routine. I brushed my teeth then put mouthwash in - I like my teeth clean- I went to my closet and picked out some homer joggers and a homer jooger shirt. And i put on black converse. I was looking fleek

But I bring me an extra outfit just in case.

It was 6:50 so I got me a sand which with orange juice and ate. My bro came down stair he was looking fresh.

Yn: hey prod

Prod: hey

Yn: prod I want you to know i love you as a bro I will love throw thick n thin and I don't want you to forget that okay.

Prod: OK

Yn:  well I see u later it 7:00

I throw my stuff a way n put my cup n the sink. Then I grave my house keys on the table and walked out the door. I walked to school but I stopped by the gas station. When I walked I saw Kaylah. I walked passed her and got me some ruffles 2 bags and some candy and jucie. I paid then left. So far so well I walked the rest to school. I walked in school. And went to a table and ate my chips I was in my own zone and got a tapp by jamiya and jamea. I looked at them they sat across from me.

Jamea: we are really really sorry.

Yn: mhm

Jamiya: could you just forgive us it can be the three of us again.

Yn: I'll think about it okay

Jamea n jamiya: k

Then Kaylah walked in and sat by Jacob they were talking.

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