chapter 30

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Yn pov
3 years later

You graduated from high school and got a different job as a nurse. And you haven't seen or talked to Princeton or Kaylah. And your only friend is Ronnie.

So I'm at home bout to go to this high school reunion. And I decided I wanted to put on a nice dress and some nice shoes. And Ronnie said he'll be my date.

So I wore a dress that look beautiful and perfect on body shape. And Ronnie wore a suit that match my dress. (By the your dress at that top)

So Ronnie said he was driving.

(By the way your 21 and ronnie 22 and you and ronnie not together. Y'all just friends with benifits. And y'all kinda like each other.)

50 mins later

So we finaly arrive and we walking up to the door and I saw all my fav teachers and said hello. And we went to sit down. And I saw Princeton he looked so different. He had a girl with him. He saw me and looked away. I also saw Kaylah she was still with Jacob and a kid. They looked so cute.

I went to go speak to Kaylah

Princeton pov

I wanted to look like sharp man. I am a entertainer and I'm in a Dance group called Mindless Behavior with ROC Ray and Prodigy. Only time I see yn is threw picture her and prodigy. If u forgot their brother and sister

So I walked in with one of my hoes. And only reason I brought her is because she chill. So I walked in I saw yn in person. She looked so beautiful. I saw who she was with. He also be in her instagram pictures. I just turned away bc someone called my name. It was Chrissy. My ex. She's obsessed with me. She was walking toward me.

Chrissy: hey Prince
Me: I'm here with someone.
Chrissy: you mean her.

She was talking to that dude ronnie laughing and giggling

Me: oh well I don't want to be bothered.

I walked away to go talk to prod

Kaylah POV
I came to the party with me and my husband ( Jacob latimore) and my son Jayvon. I was wearing a beautiful dress that fitted me just right. But it was black also. And my husband , son wore some suits they looked so handsomely. I saw yn walking up to me. I forgave her Im just like that. I always wonder why she treated me that way.
( by the way my son is 5)
She came up to me

Yn: hi Kaylah
Me: hello
Yn: you know I'm sorry I treated u that way. I did it because to keep us safe ya'know.
Me: wdym ( what do you mean)
Yn: Princeton had pressured me to stop talking to you because he didn't like something about you. And if I continued talking to you I could of met my deaf
Me: I forgive you. Do how's your life been
Yn: I met a guy but were not together. His name Ronnie.
Me: you mean that guy over there

I can't believe what I'm seeing. I got furious. I calmed down and told Kay I see her later. But the bright part me and Kay made up.

So I was walking to talk to one of my teachers to get Ronnie of my mind.

Then I bumped into someone and made me fall extremely hard I black out

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