introduce: Chapter 3

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Okay these are the characters.

Yn:hi I'm Yn I'm 17. I'm cool to hang out with. Prince he ma bully don't care doh he just want attention I try my best to not make eye contact I have brown eyes but sometimes you can see the BC I'm eather wearing my green or blue contacts.

Jamiya- was sup babe my name is Jamiya Jones i get bullied alot by roc but its like he stop he like he actually give a fuck if he hurt me or sum.
I dunno but it like im liking him or sum but anyways anof about mii

Jamea: hey it's me Jamea my bully is Ray Ray. But he stop we are actually secretlly dating we tell noone

Roc: sup bruhh ya know the deal. So i like dis girl name Jamiya she sexy as fuck but anyway anof anout me

Ray: sup its mii Ray i go with Jamea she mines i love her all the way

Prince: sup y'all um yup it's tru i bully yn n i dont give two flying fuck s

Peace out

So ya got s sneak peek whats be going on ya kno

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