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Emma laid beside Regina in bed that night, her headphones in, listening to some song. She hummed quietly bopping her head back and forth to the music... Regina flipped the page of her book, crossing one foot over the other. She giggled at her blonde girlfriend and rolled her eyes.

"What!" Emma laughed, taking one earbud out.

"Nothing...nothing at all."



"A baby huh?"

Regina paused and bit her bottom lip roughly, taking in a small breath of air. "That boy has a mouth on him...once he starts it just...he's curious."

Emma giggled, "you're rambling! I guess my question was you maybe want kids? Or..kid." She grunted and took her headphones out, putting her phone aside. She took Regina's book and closed it, pulling the brunet close.

"Hey! I was on a specific page! I'm gonna have to find it all over again." She grumbled.

"You'll live ... Now talk to me." Emma's head rested on Regina's shoulder as she looked up at her.

"I..I don't really know. Maybe. Yeah...some day I guess."


"Yes, another baby may be nice."

"A little girl?"

Regina's eyes lightened up some as she looked down at the quilt, playing with it nervously.

"A baby with...your chocolate eyes and hair?"

"No, how about...your eyes." Regina hummed, Emma giggled and nodded.

" eyes, your hair."



The couple stared at each other for a long while before Emma moved closer to her, Regina gasped and bit her bottom lip slowly leaning in closer to her girlfriend.

"I love you." Emma whispered.

"I love you..." Regina pressed her lips against Emma's and kissed her deeply, Emma groaned and a whimper fell past her lips. She took a hold of Regina and pulled her on top of herself, running her fingers through the brunets hair. Regina whimpered, nipping at Emma's lip. She slowly pulled the blondes shirt off, revealing more.

"Oh so beautiful..." Regina slowly began kissing down Emma's chest. She nipped gently and pulled Emma's bra aside, whimpering softly. She kissed over her breasts and gently took Emma's nipple into her mouth, keeping eye contact with her lover.

A loud moan left Emma's lips and she whimpered, "Regina..." She gasped and bucked her hips up against nothing.

Regina nodded and pulled the rest of Emma's clothes away, discarding them wherever, not even caring where they fell. Regina slowly moved more down Emma's body, watching as the blonde withered underneath her, begging for more.
"I love you..." Regina whimpered.

Days past by and Emma felt hopeless. She was not doing good in her classes at all. Even in English, no matter how much Regina tried to push her, she was not taking to it.

"I'm just going to drop out!" Emma yelled from their bedroom.

"No! No you are not!"

"Yes! I suck! I'm stupid! I'm horrible at academics!"

"No, you just don't apply yourself." Regina walked into the bedroom, a piece of floss working between her teeth as she looked at her girlfriend. "You need to apply yourself better. Even I see it Emma! As your teacher! I see it! You never complete an assignment on time, you're late to class, you don't pay attention to the lesson!" Regina went on.

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