Wedding Bells

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Today's the day.

   Regina had been an anxious bride all day long...awaiting the moment when she would finally walk down the isle to her savior Emma. She took a few deep breaths and straighten out her dress some. "How does it look?" She asked turning around to her best friend, Kathryn.  "Oh Regina you look stunning." She snapped a few quick photos on her iPhone and hummed. Regina looked over at her daughter Grace, she was now five months old. "Hi baby girl!" Regina hummed happily and picked Grace up out if her bassinet. The sweet baby gurgled and smiled brightly, moving her tiny legs.

"She agrees! You look so beautiful!" Kathryn giggled.

"Well thank you two!" Regina sighed as she looked at Grace, her bottom lip quivering and her eyes crunching up.

"Kathryn? Will you take Grace to her mom, she needs to eat!" Kathryn smiled brightly at the bride to be and nodded her head, carefully taking the small child across the hall, as she opened the door she saw Henry standing there in his suit! "Henry! Don't you look just darling!" She giggled and took his hand.

"Thanks aunt Kathryn!" Henry blushed and giggled, swaying softly.

Kathryn walked further in the room and gasped loudly, Emma was pacing back and forth in a beautiful V-neck white suit that was very feminine, she had her hair in a fishtail braid that traveled all the way down her back, two little twirled pieces in the front, resting against her face. Mary Margaret sat in the corner, watching her best friend with a frown. "Emma! Chill you look beautiful." Emma whimpered and shook her head, "beautiful is not good enough for Regina!"

Kathryn whistled and hummed, "you look ravishing darling!" Emma gasped and turned around slowly. "Oh..Kathryn! A-are you sure?"

Kathryn nodded fast and smiled, Emma's makeup was beautiful! Light and airy, really highlighting her best qualities.

"Oh Grace!" Emma took her gently and rocked her back and forth."how's my bride?"

"She's wonderful! Insists you feed grace though." Emma nodded and sat down, slowly pulling her suit and bra aside, grace attaching to her nipple with a grunt.

"Oh I bet she looks stunning!" Emma was beaming as she spoke of Regina.

"Oh she does." Regina was in a form fitting dress that was covered in lace all the way down to the bottom, her hair was down and curled, the front pulled back into a small clip that also held her veil in place. Her makeup was traditional smokey eye with a ruby red lipstick. She looked beautiful.

"Emma..." Mary Margaret saw her tears welling up and sighed, she knew how nervous Emma was.

"M-maybe if I just saw her-!"

"Emma. That's bad luck!" Kathryn sighed, Emma finished feeding grace and handed her to M.M before quickly standing up.

"Then I'll throw salt over my shoulder!" She said helplessly. "Please.."

Kathryn sat in thought "Regina would kill me-"

"Okay!" M.M declared.

"What!?" Kathryn screeched, her mouth hanging open. Emma smiled brightly at her best friend

"Look Kathryn! As maid of honor to my best's my job to keep her happy." Emma smirked and nodded matter of factly, "and if this will ease her mind and make her happy then so be it! She's across the hall Emma..." Both Kathryn and Mary Margaret stayed behind as Emma got up, walking across the hall quickly.

Emma stared at the door for a solid ten seconds just contemplating on whether to do this or not! Look, you need to do this! You'll feel so much better after you see your beautiful bride...just go!! Emma twisted the door knob and walked inside. Regina was turned around to the window and of course thought it was Kathryn, "Kathryn can you-" she gasped upon turning and screeched! "Emma Swan! What are you doing!" She tried hard to cover herself.

"I so badly needed to see you're so beautiful." Tears sprung to her eyes.

"Babe this is such bad luck!"

Emma shrugged and quickly went over to the alcohol bar, grabbing the salt and she threw some over her shoulder. "There..." She ran over to Regina, lifting her veil quickly and she kissed Regina. "Mm..." Regina whimpered against Emma's lips and ran her hands over her arms, their lips fighting for dominance.

Emma slowly pulled away and Regina looked at her in a daze, "is my lipstick smudged..?" It was the 24 hour kind.

"Nope..still looks perfect." Regina whimpered and actually took a good look at Emma..." you're...oh my god." She was speechless

Emma blushed brightly and hummed, "you're stunning." They stared at each other for a minute before Kathryn came running over, Henry's hand in hers. M.M was behind them holding grace. "Ready!?"

Emma squealed softly and nodded, "I am now...see you at the alter my sweet." Emma kissed Regina's cheek and walked off, going to alter with a bright smile, people gasped and smiled happily at her. "You look beautiful Emma!" Emma blushed and sighed, the wedding music began to sound... First Kathryn walked out, holding Henry's small hand in hers.he giggled and skipped down the isle, so Kathryn did the same and everyone laughed happily. Next it was M.M and grace, their flower girl! She was dressed in a pretty poofy dress and M.M continued to hand her flowers, smiling brightly as she would let them go as more was handed out for her. Then...everyone stood up. Her beautiful bride was at the end of the isle. "I love you." She mouthed to Emma

"I love you so much more..." Emma mouthed back, wiping her tears. Regina clutched on to her best friends shirt, tony. He had been her best friend since high school and she slowly walked down the isle, taking Emma's hands.
Soon it was time for the vows. "Regina Mills...we have..had our ups and downs for sure." Regina giggled and nodded, wiping her tears. "I started out hating you, you were mean to me and...seemed to have it out for me! But then You let me in." Emma whimpered, sniffling. "You let me into Henry's and your beautiful made me a part and it. Changing my life forever. I could not be more happy to have you..Henry..our son and our beautiful daughter Grace. You're the love of my life and I'm so happy you chose me." Everyone snuffled and smiled brightly, Regina sighed and wiped her tears, giggling.

"Emma Swan wow...,where do I begin. I remember that first morning you walked into my class late." Regina giggled and took a breath, " you were truly a piece of work every day since then." Everyone laughed and smiled, "but I am beyond happy to have you... And to call you my wife and...the mother of my children! You're the best woman to ever come into my life, the first person to completely flip my world upside give me hope..strength.." She choked, "and to love me unconditionally. Please make me your wife now!" Everyone laughed, including Emma.

"Rings?" Henry grunted and ran to the front, pulling both rings out of his pockets. "Thank you little bug." Regina giggled. Emma slipped her ring on to Regina's finger and Regina slipped hers on Emma.

"I now pronounce you wife and wife!" They laughed

"You may now kiss your bride. " Emma lifted Regina's veil and kissed her so lovingly, with such passion. Everyone smiled brightly and stood up, clapping.

"I love you so much Regina Swan-Mills."

"I love you so much Emma Swan-Mills"

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