Not Okay.

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A month later

Regina sat in the chair with her head in her hands, crying loudly as the doctor spoke to her. Henry laid asleep in the hospital bed and Emma sat beside Regina, cradling her hand and crying as well. "We...we're so very sorry...the tumors have metastasized..they're now in his left lung and encroaching on his liver..."

Regina let out loud shaky sobs and clung onto Emma for dear life. Henry had been in a lot of pain which is why they took him to the hospital. He was crying and complaining of awful stomach pain and horrible headaches that even the medicine wasn't controlling. Emma couldn't speak..she didn't know what to say or how she could possibly help Regina, how could she possibly live with the fact that Henry was in this much pain. The doctor had suggested they put him out for a little until the iv meds they gave him took full affect. That is why he was sleeping right now...his pain was so excruciating that he couldn't stop crying enough to tell them where it hurt, he only pointed to where.

"W-why!" Regina sobbed looking up toward the ceiling, as if she was talking to God, asking him why. "Please! Please don't take my baby!" She sobbed, putting her hands up and lacing them together, beginning to pray. "He is my whole world! Please!" Emma began to sob right beside Regina and she held her close. "Shh...shh my sweet girl." Emma whimpered, combing through Regina's hair.

"How long!?" Regina sobbed.

"Two...maybe three weeks...but they won't be nice weeks, they won't be full of fun and him living out adventures...he will be exhausted and in pain..we will need the both of you." That sent Regina into even more sobs. The doctor just wanted to be realistic with her and let her know how Henry would be and what he would need...

"Oh Henry..." Emma whimpered and took his limp hand, giving it a good squeeze. "Henry will need to be here also...we can control his pain levels and..he will be safe here, we will make it homey for him and you two can stay here twenty four, seven." Emma nodded slowly and picked up Regina, holding her close.
Henry, her baby. Her sweet boy...he is only four years old! How could such a precious life end so soon. Regina was devastated. She didn't even cry anymore...just stared off. Emma rocked her gently, looking over at Henry as he began to fuss. Henry slowly opened his eyes with a small whimper. "Mama..? Emmy?" He whimpered and nibbled on his bottom lip.

"Baby boy hi!" Regina jumped up immediately, a sad smile on her face. "Hi mama.." He whimpered and closed his eyes, letting out a shaky breath. "How's my baby feeling?"

"I-I'm okay...I don't hurt."

"Oh that's good...I'm glad baby boy."

Emma smiled and stood up, walking to the other side of the bed, kissing Henry's hand. "Hi sweetheart..."

"Hi Emmy.." Henry whimpered and closed his eyes, letting out a long, wet cough that sounded painful.

"Ouch..." Henry wheezed and Regina didn't let tears fall. She stayed strong. "You hungry? Thirsty?" Henry shook his head no and shrugged, "just sleepy..."

"Still?" Regina whispered and he nodded. "Yeah..."

"Okay baby. Go to sleep...we will be here when you wake up..." She gently rubbed Henry's forehead with her thumb as he closed his eyes. She began to hum quietly and the smallest of smiles formed over Henry's face, he sighed and turned on his side, moving a little closer to Regina. Regina leaned down and kissed Henry's head, looking up and making eye contact with Emma.

"It will be okay..." Emma mouthed. Regina shook her head no and pulled a chair up beside her son. It wouldn't be okay. Regina wouldn't be okay. She had put it all off pretending that it wasn't real.. But she couldn't pretend anymore, it was happening and it was real. She couldn't say she would be fine! She couldn't say she would move on! This isn't some boyfriend or girl who dumped her and she had to move on, this wasn't a lost friendship, this was loosing her son. Her baby boy! This wasn't okay, it wasn't going to be okay.

Emma sighed and bit the inside of her cheek listening to Henry's soft snores telling her that he had fallen asleep. " will-"

"Not be okay." Regina finished. "This isn't easy Emma,  it's not a little thing, this is my son! I gave birth to him...I raised him...he's from me! He's apart of me and...I'm loosing him." Regina cried and wiped her tears away, she would have to grow a thicker skin. No crying. Not in the same room as Henry...

"I know baby...I know!" Emma walked over to Regina and pulled her close. "It will be hard. It will be devastating! It won't be easy to get fact you won't just get over it! You'll only learn to cope. You will cry, you will have days you don't want to get up, you will be scared and you will miss him every second." Emma sighed starting to cry. "But I'll be there every step of the way..." Regina whimpered and fell into Emma's arms, sobbing. She had to.,she let it all out. Every amount of anger! Every amount of sadness! Every feeling she needed to get out, she did.

Emma rocked her gently and held close, "okay...okay." She whispered in Regina's ear and sighed. "I know...let it out."
The next day Regina sat in the chair beside Henry's bed and Henry smiled at her, "hi mama..." He said groggily just waking up from a nap. "Hi sweetness.." Regina took his hand and kissed the back of it. "How are you?"

"Hurts..." He groaned.

"Okay, mama will get the doctor to give you more medicine..." Regina ran out and Henry smiled, looking over at the other side of the bed to Emma.

"Hey Emmy..."

"Hi sweet boy!" Emma stood up and took his hand. They say that when you get closer to your end you become more see the world in a different light and understand things better...even for a small boy...he was so smart, so insightful as it was.

"Emmy?" He whimpered tears in his eyes. "Oh Henry..." Emma reached up wiping his tears and shaking her head. "Don't cry..." She was trying so hard to hold back tears.

"I'm dying right...?" He whimpered and Emma felt sick, her stomach twisted and she gulped. "No baby boy..let's not talk about anything like that."

Henry shook his head, "Emmy I need to!" He whimpered, "you...need to tell mama to not be scared..she gets scared lots." He whispered in his small little voice, "and to...think bout me being with daddy! Cause that will help her.,." Tears were now running down Emma's cheeks silently. "She knows I love her but...tell her lots." He nodded and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

"Baby boy-"

Regina walked back in with a nurse and looked ticked off. "You should know exactly when my sons meds wear off and you should be here giving him more! Understood!?" She growled at the nurse and the nurse just nodded, pushing more medicine into his IV. Emma quickly wiped her tears before Regina could see and sat back down, holding Henry's hand.

"'s Kay.." Henry whimpered and Regina shook her head. "You're hurting, it's mamas job to make sure I fix that!"

Suddenly the doctor came bursting through the door.

"Regina! I have news..." He said with shock written all over his face.


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