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   Regina wailed and leaned back against her door as it slammed closed behind her. She quietly brought her knees up to her chest, resting her face on top of them as silent sobs left her lips, tears running down her cheeks. "Mom!?" Henry called out, running up the stairs as fast as he could. "Mom! Let me in." He twisted the door knob, locked.

"Hen..just go downstairs." She mumbled trying to use her strongest voice she could muster. "Not until you let me see your okay!" He yelled back, resting his head against the door. Slowly Regina pulled herself to her feet, wiping at her tears before unlocking the door. She stepped back and waited for Henry to open it.

Her son heard a click signaling she had unlocked the door. "Mommy...?" Henry immediately scooped her up, holding her against his chest. As soon as they made contact, Regina broke down. "Henry..I-I" she couldn't breathe.

Regina smiled and turned on her side, looking over at the love of her life..things had been incredible lately, the same as they were when they first met. Emma yawned and blinked the sleep from her eyes, running her fingers through her long blonde hair. "Well hello gorgeous." She hummed, pulling Regina against her body as she kissed the side of her neck slowly, her tongue peaking out from between her lips to skin her pulse point.

"Mmhm don't start something you can't finish.." the brunette moaned, sighing sadly as Emma pulled away. "Why can't I finish?" She wished softly, brushing the now wet spot on Regina's neck slowly with her thumb.  "Because dear..I promised our children a beautiful Sunday breakfast, ready by nine." Regina looked over Emma's shoulder at the clock, "it's now eight fifteen."

Emma groaned and flopped on her back, a pout on her lips. "Fine.." Regina laughed and kissed her pouty lip. "Don't act like such a child my love..." Regina slowly stood up and smoothed out her silk pajama top before running her fingers through her thick brunette hair. She had lovely hair, it had a natural shine to it while also thick and it curled up just a little at the ends. "Coming Emma?" Regina mumbled, walking out the bedroom door.

Emma said nothing, but finally rolled out of bed putting on her slippers Regina had just gotten her which usually she wouldn't wear, but they were so comfortable it felt like walking on air. Slowly the couple walked down the stairs, turning the corner into the kitchen. Regina laughed and smiled, "well hello!" Emma turned around the corner next, letting out a small laugh. "Totally my kids." She hummed, Henry and Grace already sitting at the table, forks in hand. "We wanted to be here for the whole experience!" Henry nodded matter of factly and Grace followed his lead, her little pig tails bouncing on her head as she did.

"Emma grab me the eggs please?" Regina hummed, moving around the kitchen like a true queen. Such beauty, such grace. "Well looks like my plans for sex in the kitchen are out.." Emma whispered in Regina's ear, handing her eight eggs in a bowl. Regina giggled softly and shook her head. "Idiot..."

Soon the whole family was sitting around the table, enjoying a lovely meal that Regina had made. Pancakes, hash browns , eggs, with a small fruit cup for each person. "So Henry.." Regina started, chewing her food before finishing. "When again do your classes pick back up?"

"August 23rd mom."

"Are you excited to see Beth?" Regina watched as his face light up at the thought. "Yeah very excited..I hate that she had to go back to California for the summer but..I know she's happy to be with her family. I'm happy about that."

"Well of course!" Emma smiled. "Kid, what would we do if we had to wait for fall break to see you?" Emma mumbled, a mouth full of food.

"Emma Swan-Mills." Regina scolded playfully and a smirk played at her lips. "Eat like a civilized human being."

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