We're Back

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Been a very long while my dears....I haven't felt the inspiration to write in a while and for that...I'm sorry. Enjoy!

The next morning Emma woke up bright and early, she looked down beside her at her beautiful woman and couldn't help but sigh. She'd been so stupid....they both had. Wasting the precious time they had together fighting! Emma gently rubbed Regina's back and hummed lightly, watching as small goosebump formed over her back...the gorgeous brunette turned a certain way and caused her arm to show those hateful marks...instantly turning Emma's gut. "Baby..." She whimpered running her fingers around the wound, taking them away quick when she looked up seeing big brown pools staring at her. "Im sorry..." She whispered under her breath. Emma sighed and shook her head, taking a small pause before whispering, "your morning breath is terrible..." She giggled and sighed happy. Regina let out a small snort and shook her head, "I'll go brush." She hummed, flinging the blankets off of her naked body before going to stand. "Uh uh...get back here." Emma practically growled, looking her wife up and down. She gently took her wrist pulling her back. Regina let out a small gasp, a light red blush on her cheeks as her back hit the sheets. "...you're eager huh?" She husked.

"...well yes. It's been a while." Emma sighed sadly, shaking her head. "Hey, that's not important now." Regina mumbled softly, cupping Emma's cheek. She leaned up slowly and kissed her, bringing their bodies flush against one another. ..."now if you wouldn't mind I'd like to touch you now." She groaned, closing her eyes. Emma took a small moment before replying, "nahhh" with a small laugh. Regina gasped and smacked her arm gently. "Lay down..." Regina whispered. Emma slowly turned over and flipped Regina on top of her, causing a small squeal to come from her. "What did you have in mind?" Emma raised one eyebrow and hummed. Their clothes had already been taken off from the night before, Regina bit her lip and shook her head.

"I don't know where to start...you're so damn beautiful."
"That's you." Emma blushed.
"No I've never seen a more beautiful woman."
That's because you're biased so-"

Regina interrupted her by pushing her fingers into her wife, two to be exact. "Oh shit.." Emma gasped, looking at her wife, the smirk forming across her lips. Emma covered her mouth with the back of her hand, her moans muffled. "no no... don't cover." Regina smirked, mocking her wife from the night before. "You're incredible..." She whispered, her lips on Emma's neck. Regina slowly moved down her body, a small giggle could be heard from even outside of their room...
Later that morning

Emma made her way downstairs, wrapped up in her robe..basking in the glow. Henry and Beth were sitting at the island, a small blush on Beth's face once she noticed Emma. "...hey" Henry lightly laughed, sighing.

"Had a good night?"
"Oh damn..."Emma blushed, shaking her head.
"Yeah...you weren't exactly quiet."
"Yeah..my fault." Emma smirked making Henry groan, "eww. Thanks for that." Beth laughed and sighed. Regina came down the stairs happily and kissed Emma Immediately. They were back..I mean truly back. Henry just stared forward, drinking his orange juice. Regina had completely forgotten about how Henry was still upset with her...even though he was trying to hide how happy he is that his parents are back.

"Baby boy..." Regina whispered, sighing and tightening her robe. That tightened Henry's heart up and he slowly looked at Regina.
"Come outside with me..?" He nodded slowly and stood up, squeezing Beth's shoulder. "Be back.." he mumbled.

Regina held the door open for him and walked outside slowly, "what I said about your mama...that was a huge mistake. She has been through everything with us and I shouldn't have even thought that way....it was so uncalled for and it was me trying to just-- hurt her in a way? If that makes sense." Henry listened, staring down at the porch. "Yeah..yeah it does. I get that you were mad with Mama and you two haven't been well for a while...Grace told me some-" Regina looked up quick, "w-what?" She sighed sadly.

"Mom really? " He shook his head and shrugged. "Henry." Regina said more sternly and crossed her arms, "she's sad..mom she hears you both. She called me from a closet crying!" Regina gasped and turned around, pulling open the door quickly. "Baby!" Regina called to Emma. "Please come here.." she said in a sad, softer tone. "Huh? What is it honey?" Emma gently gripped Regina's arms. "Come outside a minute?" Regina whispered. Emma looked at Henry and he was staring at the porch sadly. "What is it bud?" Emma sighed, shutting the door behind them as they walked outside. "It's Grace...yeah, she hears you guys fight." Henry looked up at Emma. "She called me crying from a closet."  Their son leaned back against the porch railing. "Well..is she still asleep? What's happening? Is she okay? I should speak with her. We! ..should speak with her." Emma said more frantically.

"And we will!" Regina said with a sure tone. "as soon as she's awake and we can find a good moment."

Regina put on a brave face and looked at Henry, "my boy...will you please forgive me." Henry smiled and scoffed, "you're my mom. I'm stuck with you aren't I?" Regina laughed and pulled him into a hug. "I love you my little bug..." She whispered and Henry gripped her tighter.

Later that night when it was more quiet Regina looked up at Henry and Beth, signaling them to go up to bed so both Emma and Regina could speak to Grace. They stood up and sighed, "I'm sleepy so... goodnight family! Love you." Henry kissed Graces head and took Beth's hand, bringing her upstairs.

"Baby...?" Regina whispered to Grace. "Yeah mommy?" She hummed. "We want to speak with you." Emma grabbed Regina's hand and nodded, " yes..we want to tell you that..mom's are okay. We are very much in love and. . we're okay." Emma smiled and you could see the relief roll off of Grace's shoulders. "You are?" She whimpered, a tear rolling down her cheek. "Oh babe..." Regina, pulled grace between them and they both wrapped their arms around her. "We are so sorry that you heard our fighting...and that it affected you." Grace nodded her head and hugged them tighter, "I'm just so glad you're both okay."

We are too sweet girl..." Regina cooed, running her fingers through Grace's hair. "You alright?" Emma sighed and looked at her daughter. "Yeah, I'm good. Sleepy is all..." Grace stood up and sighed, "night guys"

"Love you!" They both smiled and watched as Grace walked up the stairs...they were so glad to be back in each other's arms, happy and whole..."I love you Emma."
"I love you Regina.." Regina leaned her head down on Emma's shoulder and hummed. "We should head up to bed you think?" Emma giggled. "Yes please..." Regina rasped. "And sleep..?" Emma smirked, "I have better ideas." Regina giggled, jumping up. "Catch me if you can!" She ran for the stairs, Emma close behind. Their bedroom door, closing behind them.

Wow, it's been such a long time I'm sorry!! I hope this chapter was good..please leave comments!! Your comments have been the most amazing thing to read.

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