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"Reginaaaa!" Emma whined, laying on her bed. Flat on her back, her feet elevated off of the bed a little bit by a pillow that was under her knees.

"Yes, Emma?" Regina mumbled, her face in her phone as she looked through her camera roll on her phone.

"Let's have sex." Emma mumbled. Now that got Regina's attention. She dropped her phone and moved beside Emma. "Really!? It's been weeks!" Emma rolled her eyes at Regina's comment. "That I am painfully aware off...but this little bugger is two days past their due date and sex is proven to help induce labor!"

Regina moaned happily and nodded fast. "Help me with my pants." Emma grumbled as she tried to reach around her large pregnant stomach, to get ahold of the button on pants. "Baby!" Regina giggled and slowly reached up, pulling Emma's pants down her legs. "Mm you rock maternity panties."

"Babe!" Emma laughed and playfully smacked Regina's arm. "Don't poke fun! My sexy panties don't fit at the-" Regina pushed her hand over Emma's mouth and hummed, "they're perfect." She whispered and replaced her hand with her lips, humming happily. Emma gently prodded Regina's lips with her tongue, moaning happily as they kissed. Emma whimpered and ran her hands up and down Regina's back, grunting after a moment. "Babe, sorta crushing our baby here." Emma sighed and slowly moved more to the side of Emma . "That better?"

"Much." Emma nodded happily and sucked on Regina's bottom lip, moaning. "Shit."Regina slowly hooked her thumbs in the sides of Emma's panties, pulling them down.

"Shit your sexy." Emma blushed brightly and took a deep breath, "you just think that because you're the one who decides what happens down there...considering I can not reach at the moment."

"You're sexy either way.. But bare is a great look on you." Regina hummed with a wink and slowly began to pull Emma's shirt off, "baby! No! I don't feel sexy while I'm pregnant."

"Damn are you gonna stop talking!" Regina giggled playing around.

"I'm sorry.."

Okay now Regina felt bad. "Baby girl! I was just kidding! I just... You're being insecure when you shouldn't be. You are carrying our little miracle in there! That is amazing and sexy...I find pregnant woman very sexy." Regina growled, kissing down the side of Emma's neck.

Emma smiled happily and nodded, "you're so amazing.."

Regina slowly glided her hand up the inside of Emma's thigh and gasped, trying not to make a big deal of it. "Baby did you wet yourself?"

"What!??"Emma was mortified. She snapped up into sitting position and shook her head fast, giggling. "Shit my water just broke!"

"Damn it my sex!" Regina pouted.

"Really babe!?"

"Right.." It finally hit her. Oh my god... "Our baby is coming!" Regina jumped up fast and ran out of the room. She already had their hospital bag packed and her outfit to change into all set out. "Henry lets go! The baby is coming!"

"Baby comin'!?" Henry squealed running out of the room. Regina already had Beth on the phone, she would be here to look after Henry while Regina and Emma were at the hospital. Regina quickly got Emma redressed as she moaned and groaned in pain. "Are you ready?" Regina asked softly. Helping Emma to the door.

It was actually really cute to watch Regina go into full action mom mode. To see her acting so nervous and excited for this, it was truly endearing to Emma...even if she was in severe pain as she watched.

Bethany had been there already, trying to explain to Henry why he couldn't go too. "Beth take care of him. We will call later."

The car ride was hell. Emma was clawing at Regina's hand when contractions would hit her, her loud pained moans filling the car. "Baby breathe breathe.." Regina whispered through gritted teeth as Emma's finger nails made indentations in her hand. "Hurts hurts!" She whimpered and shook her head, taking slow and steady breaths. "Oh god contraction!" Emma held her breath and groaned, her face beginning to turn red.

"Baby breathe!"

Emma finally let a breath out and whimpered, taking a slow shaky breath. "This is hell on earth.."

Emma's nurse and Doctor came into the room with smiles on their faces, Emma was not feeling it. Regina shook her head slowly and gave them a warning look. The doctor nodded slowly and took a shaky breath. "Hi you two, I am Dr. Fronk! Now let's have a baby huh?" Emma nodded and whimpered softly, squeezing Regina's hand tightly as another contraction hit her hard. "F-fuck..." She curled her toes under and threw her head against the pillows under her.

"Breathe breathe Emma. Holding your breath makes it worse! How far apart are contractions?" Dr. Fronk asked softly.

"I..I don't know.. Four minutes maybe."

"Oh good you're close. When you get to two minutes apart you may begin to push Emma!" Emma groaned and slowly bit her lip. "I just want to be done!" .

Regina nodded and kissed her finances forehead. "It'll all be over soon..."

"Two minutes apart! Okay Emma, on the count of three I want you to push for me.." Emma whimpered and slowly nodded, letting out a slow breath. Oh god...pretty soon they'd meet their baby. "Push!"

Emma cried out and threw her head back, her nails digging into Regina's hand as she pushed, beads of sweat rolling down her forehead. "Good! Good. Okay rest." Dr. Fronk sighed and Regina gently dabbed Emma's forehead with a cool cloth the nurses had brought in with a bucket of ice water. "Push again Emma!" Emma bared her teeth and cried out loudly, a shaky sob leaving her lips as she leaned her head foreword more, pressing it against her chest, her face turning red. "Very good!" Dr. Fronk encouraged!

"Baby you are doing perfect. I'm so proud of you.."

"One more big push Emma! One more."

"I can't!" Emma cried, shaking her head. "You can. You can." Regina encouraged, kissing Emma's head.

Emma growled and bared her teeth, giving one last hard push. Within seconds a loud wail was heard through the room.

"Oh my god.. " Emma breathed, Regina had tears in her eyes. "So good baby!" Regina gently kissed Emma

"It's a girl!"

Emma and Regina slowly looked at each other with a bright smile. "Oh Emma she's perfect..Grace." Regina whispered as she cut the umbilical cord, taking their beautiful girl after she was wrapped in a pink blanket.

"Emma she looks just like you..." Regina walked beside Emma and they both smiled happily. "She does.." Emma laughed and gave Regina a watery smile. "She's perfect."

"She's perfect." Regina agreed and they both hummed happily, looking down at the new addition to their family, Grace Marie Swan-Mills.

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