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"How many pieces?" Regina smiled as she looked over at Dr. Whale, holding the tray of lasagna in her right hand. "Here..set it down that looks heavy!" Whale smiled at her and bit his bottom lip, taking the lasagna and setting it down in front of him.

"I'll just start with one! And I'll take another if my stomach decides it can handle another!" He smiled and Henry smiled brightly, fixing his bib that hung to his chest, he made a mess at dinner...always! Henry slammed his fork down against the table in excitement, this was his favorite meal. "Henry please..." Regina sighed and he set his fork down against his napkin, looking up at his mother. "Sorry mama I just excited!"

"How many pieces sweet boy?"

"Half a one.." He sighed and pushed his hair out of his face. Regina smiled and nodded, humming quietly. "Okay Henry." She sliced one piece in half and laid it across his plate before getting herself one small piece and sitting down in her own chair. She wore a ruby red dress that went to her mid thigh and a hair of black heels. Her hair was natural, hanging down over her shoulders.

Whale took his first bite and hummed happily, "mm...this is magnificent! You're an amazing cook Regina!" He praised and Regina's cheeks darkened. "Thank you!" Regina looked over at Henry and sighed, "how you doing baby boy?" She asked softly and ate another bite of her food, crossing her legs together under the table. Henry had been feeling much better since leaving the hospital last week. He was still very weak but he had been taking his medication and vitamins everyday like he was supposed to, and if Regina forgot (she never did) he would be sure to tell her every morning!

"I'm ok mommy." He shrugged and sighed, taking another bite of his food. "Tummy feeling full already!" He sighed and Victor (Dr. Whale) smiled at him, laughing softly. "That's gonna happen for a little while bud, until your immune system builds up better."

" happen faster please?" He whined causing Regina and Whale to laugh, looking at one another. "It happens as fast as your body wants it to happen!" Regina sighed, bopping his tiny nose gently.

No word from Emma...not in an entire week. She hadn't called, texted or answered any of Regina's tried and failed texts...Regina had decided to just give up, if she wasn't going to be in Henry's life and make sure she stuck to that...she would only end up hurting him, a way she was guarding herself to, she didn't want to get hurt anymore...maybe this was for the best? She wished it didn't have to be with way would get easier, she hoped. Henry still asked about Emma almost every night since they got home which..was seven days now.

After dinner Regina moved into the kitchen and loaded up the dishwasher beginning the pots and pans. Victor had gotten Henry started on some game on his phone and he was actually doing better than Victor did!

"You've got a smart boy.." Victor smiled, walking into the kitchen behind Regina. Regina paused, washing the lasagna pan out and a small smile broke out over her face. "He smart." Regina sighed and hummed softly, washing the pan until it was completely clean. She turned around to grab her drying towel and Victor was directly behind her, holding it in his left hand. She gasped and gulped softly, reaching out and taking the towel from victors large hands. "Thank you.." She sighed and dried the pan before putting it away, the water still running. "No problem!"

Victor bit the inside of his cheek and looked over at the running water, do it, don't do it? The question was running through his head. He smirked and took the small hose in the side of the sink, taking it in his hands, just as Regina turned around she gasped, "don't you dare!" She slowly put her hands up, Victor smirked and laughed, pressing down on the nozzle, water flying toward Regina.

She screeched and put her hands up in front of her face, water hitting all over the front of her dress. "You ass!" She squealed and opened her eyes, looking at him as she laughed. "Aw..come here!" She said reaching her arms out as if to hug him. "No don't even!" He laughed, looking at her soaked dress and he slowly backed up. "Regina stop!" He laughed and she laughed, throwing her arms around his neck, her soaked stomach pressing against his shirt and wetting it completely. "Oh damn it!" Victor laughed and carefully pulled her away. They smiled and giggled together until it slowly stopped and they were just left looking at one another.

Regina broke the silence first and sighed, running her fingers through her hair, "I need to change now! Thanks.." Regina laughed and poked her tongue out. Victor smiled and bit the inside of his cheek. "Change! I'll be with Hen.." She nodded and excused herself up into her room.

What the hell was that all about?

Regina changed into a pair of comfortable, baggy sweatpants and a white tank top. She threw her hair up into a messy bun and out on her reading glasses considering it was about time for Henry to go to bed, she grabbed his book, the ugly duckling, and walked into the living room only to see Victor and Henry watching a movie together, The Ugly Duckling. "Hmm...I see how it is." Regina giggled, holding the book up and setting it down on the side table. Henry giggled and looked up at his mom before looking back at the t.v. "Sorry mama!"

Victor turned around and coughed once, his eyes widening a little. "That's a beautiful look on you, Regina.."

Regina scoffed and rolled her eyes playfully, smiling. "Thanks." She said sarcastically and positioned her glasses better!

"No I'm actually serious you look so...real." He said and bit the inside of his cheek, one arm resting on the arm of the chair, his head craned to see Regina. She blushed and sighed, taking a deep intake of air. "Thank you Victor.."

"Just the truth..." He smiled and she giggled softly, moving to sit beside him. "Actually! Silly boy...I think it's time for bed." Henry frowned and shook his head, "no mama! More up!" He grunted and pouted. Regina giggled and shook her head, standing up and putting Henry on her hip, "no baby boy!" She giggled and he groaned softly, burying his face in her neck. "Night Dr. Whale!" He mumbled and picked his hand up, waving. Regina giggled and rolled her eyes at him, before brining him off to bed.

"Mama..." Henry whispered once cozy under the covers.

"Yes my sweet boy?"

"Emma come back soon?" He asked gently and yawned, turning on his side.

Every time he asked it broke her heart...."I don't think so...when she wants to she will come back.." Regina whispered, hiding her tears from Henry. She leaned down and kissed his cheek before turning his lamp out."

"Night mommy.." Henry whimpered, snuggling into his pillows.

"Night little bug..." Regina hummed and carefully closed her door.
When Regina walked out of the room, Victor was already grabbing his jacket. "'re going?" Regina whimpered, wiping her tears away, trying to compose herself in front of Victor.

"Yeah I-" he looked up and saw Regina's tears, frowning. "Regina...regina what's wrong!" He walked up to her. Regina hugged herself tightly and whimpered, looking down, more tears falling. "I'm to weak!" She sobbed and covered her mouth.

Victor gasped and pulled Regina into his arms, resting his chin down on Regina's head. " you are not weak!" He gasped and shook his head, hugging her close to him. "What is it...what's wrong?"

"Emma! I...I need her." She cried.

"You're so strong..and brilliant! You are so capable...more so than you give yourself credit for." He whispered into her ear, lifting her up and sitting on the couch, her arms wrapped around his neck as she cried. He had his arms around her middle just cradling her. "I just...miss her.." Regina whispered quietly.

"I know, I know."

"I don't get why she left me! I..I apologized so much.."

"Oh I am so sorry...if she truly loves you she will come back."

"If she truly loved me...she wouldn't have left.."

Regina sobbed into Victors shoulder until she slowly began to calm down, her body feeling more and more tired. She snuggled against Victor and whimpered. Victor rubbed her back gently an just rocked.

Within five minutes Regina was falling asleep, cozied against Victors secure chest. Work would have to wait...he would stay until morning, she looked to comfortable to wake.

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