Insufferable Swan

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Regina, she could be described as a beautiful flame. She was fiery and fierce. She was gorgeous beyond belief and totally anyone's dream. She was sexy and prestigious. Total hottie.

"Ms. Swan? Ms. Swan!" Regina snapped her fingers in front of Emma's face as she stared off in a daze. Emma sat in the front of the class so was very easy to spot.

"Huh? Oh...Ms. Mills.." She blushed furiously and cleared her throat. "Yeah sorry, I was just..thinking!"

"Care to elaborate Ms. Swan?"

"No ma'am!"

"Well...did you turn in your poem? I didn't see it in the pile. I mean...there's only twenty eight students in this class. Shouldn't be to hard to find wasn't there."

"About's not done."

"Hmm...see me after class"


Regina made her way back to her desk and sat down, putting her reading glasses on and beginning to read some of the students poems. They were all poorly written and not grammatically correct. Regina scoffed and shook her head, rolling her eyes. Once she was fed up with reading the poems she calmly stood up and walked to the door, "I need a drink, excuse me..."

Once she was gone chaos began. Students began crumpling paper and throwing it around the room, some students began to jump over the bleachers chasing one another: Harris snickered and pulled something out of his bag. Blue spray paint.

Oh no...

He ran to the front of the room and quickly wrote something on the front of Regina's desk, the sound of her heels clicking against the tile in the hall was heard and he scurried back to his seat, throwing the spray paint can and it landed right beside Emma feet, getting the side of her shoe in blue spray paint. Oh no! She sent a glare towards Harris and hurried to pick the bottle up, stuffing it in her bag quickly.

Regina pulled open the door and gasped, first seeing the rolled up paper all over the front of the class...then, her eyes landed on her desk. She let out a low growl and turned her attention toward the class. "Who! Who did that!? Speak now or every single person in here will stay with me until I get some answers!" She growled angrily. No one spoke which only made her more angry. She moved toward her desk and inspected it.


Written in huge letters all across the front of her desk. She growled and looked at the class again, spotting Emma out of the corner of her eye and the huge strip of..:blue spray paint against her white shoe. "Swan." She growled and turned on her heels, baring her teeth and looking hella scary.

"You will see me after class. And many classes after that!"


"Don't speak. You're done talking, you're done being late, you're done not turning in assignments and most certainly done vandalizing property!" Every one gasped in shock, they knew it wasn't her who did that. No one stood up for her. Not one person.

After class Emma and Regina were the last two left, sitting in desk and chair. Emma was now directly across from Regina waiting for her to finish up her grading, this really gave Emma a chance to see all her real beauty. Her hair was shinny and..jet black, her eyelashes were a mile long! And curled up slightly. The deep chocolate brown color of her eyes nearly made Emma melt. Her jaw was strong and her eyebrows looked professionally done! Regina raised an eyebrow and stared Emma in the eyes.

"Ms. Swan. Staring is impolite."

Emma felt like a child being scolded by their mother for doing something bad. She sighed and blushed brightly, "sorry Ms. Mills."

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