Little Ducky.

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This morning had been crazy...full of tears of happiness, sadness, and every emotion in between. Regina really didn't know how well she would be able to trust Emma after this...she hoped that eventually Emma would be able to prove herself worthy of the trust she so desired.

Regina sighed quietly, her hands shaking which was a stutter she had inherited from trauma, it happened whenever she was scared or nervous about something. Regina scrubbed the grime out of the chicken soup pot and she took a few deep breaths. Emma was home...that's all that truly mattered to her at the moment...even though there were so many other factors swarming through her mind, so many other things she desperately needed to get off her chest! So many things that if she didn't say it would surely eat her alive inside so-

Regina gasped and whimpered loudly, stepping back away from the sink, holding her hand tightly. She looked back at the sink and saw a knife standing straight up, the blade pointing out. She began to feel light headed with the realization of what happened and she whimpered. Regina pulled her hand away, watching as blood dropped down off her hand and on to the wood floor. She had sliced her hand deep! Bone, was that..bone. "Fuck.." She whispered desperately.
Emma sighed and smiled down at Henry as she tucked him into bed. She had just finished reading the ugly duckling to him and his eyes were getting very heavy, so she decided to call it a night. "Goodnight my little duckling.." Emma giggled and Henry smiled widely. "Little ducky.." He repeated again, making Emma's heart warm with happiness. "Hmm..alright that's what I'll call you...little ducky." She smiled at him. "So mama calls me..little bug, and I get to be..your little ducky!" He shoved his thumb into his mouth and began sucking on it for comfort. "Perfect.." Emma slowly stood up and turned Henry's night light on, before kissing his head. "Good night...little ducky." She hummed happily and walked out, leaving the door cracked open slightly.
Regina hated hospitals. HATED them. So she tried to grab everything possible to stop the bleeding on her hand and pack the wound so that maybe Emma wouldn't see, because she knew what Emma would do as soon as she saw the length and the deepness of the cut on the palm of Regina's hand.


"Hmm?" Regina whimpered from the bathroom. Damn it, she wouldn't get this wrapped in time.

"What's wrong? Where are you?"

"One minute!" Regina called back. Emma followed where her voice was coming from and gasped! "Regina!" She took Regina's injured hand with a sharp intake of breath. "You need to get stitches in this.." She whispered, unpacking the wound only for it to start bleeding again. "No stitches!"

"Babe, this will leave a nasty scar if you don't! And I do not want it to become infected!"

"Just...please..." Regina begged so helplessly and leaned back against the counter top, tears shining in her eyes.

"What if we get Doctor Whale to do it?"

"No!" Regina shouted a little bit to quickly, causing Emma to faultier a little bit.


"No, I...I just don't want it. I said that before..." Emma wasn't buying it..but she'd take it for now. "Okay...alright, let's pack this with some cleaner stuff, clean it out first and then...go from there?" Regina nodded slowly and smiled, "okay thank you.." Emma smiled weakly and nodded, taking Regina's open palm and pouring some peroxide over it, she then packed the wound with some gauze and wrapped it tightly. "Okay...that should keep it from bleeding for the night. But if tomorrow we wake up and that thing is still bleeding. Hospital!" Emma said sternly, pointing a finger in Regina's direction.

Regina smiled and leaned forward, capturing Emma's lips on her own. "I'm glad you're back.." She hummed, leaning into Emma's side and taking a few deep breaths. "I'm glad I'm back.." Emma smiled down at her.

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