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  Regina sighed and looked over at Henry. He was laying on the pull out couch with an ice pack on his head and a blanket up to his shoulders. He had been going through cold chills and very bad sweats. "M-mama..." He croaked opening his chocolate eyes to look up at her. His skin was pale and his bones were weak and frail. "Mama..." He croaked again, lifting his head the slightest amount.

"Hmm.." Regina heard him and walked over to him. "Hey baby boy..." Regina whispered and rubbed her thumb over his shinny scalp. "What can I do for you...?" She laid down beside him and took his small, clammy hand in hers. "I-I want you to hold me.." He croaked. Regina gladly wrapped her arms around Henry, pulling him on to her chest. "Okay...mommy has got you." She whispered into his ear and rocked him back and forth gently. "When Emmy come home?" He whimpered and his body began to shake as his fever came back.

Regina sighed and picked him up , wrapping a blanket around his shoulders slowly. "Emmy will be back after she gets done working...okay?" Emma had picked up some shifts as a waitress and was working a lot. She was trying to save up money so she could take care of her newly found family. "Kay mama." Henry whispered and sniffled slightly, "I-miss her.."

"I miss her too, love." Regina went into the bathroom, cradling Henry in her arms and she took out his pain medication and his antibiotic. She went into the kitchen, struggling to keep Henry up because of his shaking. He was hot against her skin! Regina's arm began to get tired so she set him down on the counter, filling a cup up with water. Henry whimpered and reached his arms out for her. "Mama! Hold me!" He cried and coughed into his hands, spots of blood showed up on his finger tips. "Oh no mama..." He showed her his hands and she gasped. "Oh shit..." She grabbed a napkin and wiped his hands off and the corner of his mouth. "It's alright..." She whispered, kissing his forehead.

She slowly picked him back up and crushed the pills, putting them into his water until they dissolved completely. She sighed and held the cup up to Henry. "Drink it all okay?" He nodded and took the cup, taking small sips from it. Regina brought him back to the couch and sat down beside him playing a movie.

"Tar tar mama?" He asked softly, looking at her over his glass. Regina giggled and bit her lip, that was how Henry pronounced 'Tarzan' since he was very little and it never changed.

"Sure baby boy..." Regina hit play on the movie and leaned back, holding Henry against her chest as he sipped at his water.
Hours later Regina and Henry laid in that same spot on the couch, asleep, Emma walked inside and giggled at the pair. She loved them both so much...she noticed Henry was passed out cold! She walked up to him, feeling his forehead to make sure he was okay. He was warm but not to bad! She kissed his forehead and ran her thumb over his head. Emma walked over to the counter and set her keys down before taking her tips money out. She wasn't making a lot but she felt like she had to contribute somehow. Tonight she had made three hundred dollars in tips, she was lucky that she had gotten a job at such a popular restaurant...but once she explained the situation they immediately hired her.

Regina stirred slightly when she heard the sound of keys hitting against the counter and the kitchen door lightly swinging closed. She sat up and stretched covering Henry some more! She stood up and walked into the kitchen.

"You're home!" She smiled brightly and burrowed into Emma's arms.

"Baby...hi sweet girl." Emma cooed and wrapped her arms around Regina, "yeah I'm home...I made pretty good in tips tonight."

"Yeah? How much."

"Three hundred!"

"Shit...that's a lot for tips alone!" Regina bit her lip and sighed happily, staring up into Emma's eyes. "Emma, I love you. Thank you so much for what you're doing..for being here for me..for being here for Henry, for us." Regina whispered and her voice cracked slightly.

"Oh sweetness...I love you too." Emma leaned her head against Regina's and cupped her cheeks gently. "No need to worry okay...? I know you are and I know I can't help that but...just know that I'll always be here."

"Oh Emma!" Regina whimpered and wrapped her arms around Emma's neck, pulling her into a deep kiss. The kiss slowly deepened and Emma lifted Regina up on the counter, stepping between her legs. Regina whimpered happily and let her hands roam Emma's body greedily. "You're beautiful..." Regina whispered.

"You're stunning, a true piece of art."

Regina gave her a small watery smile and kissed down her neck, nipping at her pulse point, marking her. "Mm...Gina.." Emma closed her eyes and ran her fingers up into Regina's hair. "I love you.." She mumbled.

Regina bit down slightly and pulled away looking at the large purple mark on the side of Emma's neck. "Mm...mine."

"Yours!" Emma nodded frantically and slammed her lips against Regina's again, teeth clashed and their lips moved over one another's fervently.

"Mama..? Emmy...?" Emma jumped away and looked down, seeing Henry standing there looking up at the confuse. "Gross!" He giggled and Emma smiled at his laugh..it was the sweetest, most cute thing ever. "Hey buddy." Emma smiled and lifted him up on to her hip. "Emmy you're home..." Home..that word felt amazing. It made Emma's eyes water and happiness rush to her face. "Yes I am buddy..." Henry Laid down against Emma's shoulder and closed his eyes, beginning to fall asleep like that.

Emma hummed happily and gently kissed Regina's lips before bringing Henry back into the living room and laying him down. She turned to see Regina hovering beside her and she giggled. "Your room...?" She asked below a whisper and Regina smiled, nodding her head slowly.

It started off as small nervous kisses, just getting a feel for each other. This would be Regina's first time since Daniel...her first real time, the first time that it actually meant something. Regina let her hands wander over Emma's arms as they kissed and she slowly pushed Emma against the bed, her head gently hitting the pillows. Emma ran her fingers down Regina's jaw and her neck. "Hi baby..." Emma whispered softly.

"Hey..." Regina's voice wavered a little and she leaned down, nipping at Emma's neck. "Hmm...I love when you do that."

"Good to know..." Regina slowly pulled Emma's shirt over her head and she kissed every inch of Emma's torso, not leaving one spot untouched. She wanted to let Emma feel just how much she loved her. Emma moaned quietly and her breath picked up, "Gina.,." She whimpered happily and pulled Regina back up to her. "I need you..." Regina nodded and slowly undressed herself.

Beautiful. That's all Emma could think as she looked over this beautiful women standing naked in front of her, every inch of her was perfect. Every part of her! Emma slowly moved to the edge of the bed and lifted her hips pulling her panties and pants off in one fall swoop.

Regina gasped and bit her lip hard. "Emma..,you're beautiful." She whimpered causing Emma to blush brightly. "Nothing compared to you..." Regina slowly straddled Emma's lap and kissed her deeply and lovingly.

"I love you..."

"I love you too..."

A/N: ;-) hope you enjoyed this chapter...more feels coming next chapter. Sad and happy ones. Remember this story is sad...but I must be doing my job if I'm making you feel that! Thank you for reading. Keep up your amazing comments.💗

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