Disney World

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The plane ride was the worst part. It was bumpy and there was a lot of turbulence. Henry whimpered as his oxygen mask rested over his mouth and nose. He had gotten sick already probably about three times and he wasn't doing well at all. "How you holding up bubba..." Emma whispered to him and took his hand.

Henry coughed. It sounded wet and painful! He groaned and shook his head telling her not good. He leaned back as much as he could and tried to close his eyes to get some rest but he had lots of pain in his head.

"Pain.." He whimpered and Emma looked over at Regina, biting her lip. "Babe? Henry says he's in pain...do we have something for him?" Regina was ripped out of her day dream when she heard Emma's voice in her ear, she had gone into denial and couldn't accept that her son was really actively dying. She looked at Emma and nodded quickly pointing to her back. "He can take his antibiotic and one of the pain killers." Emma nodded and squeezed Regina's hand softly, rubbing her thumb over it.

"Here Henry..." She got out the medicine and gave him a sip of her water, rubbing his shiny head with her thumb. He looked up at her and smiled weakly but at the same time so peacefully....like he had accepted his fate and was just ready to enjoy what was left of his life. You know what they say, when your time comes you become acceptant and peaceful. You look at life differently and you just know you'll be alright. That's the look Henry had in his eyes since they left the hospital...Regina on the other hand? Emma could always hear her crying and whimpering from inside her room when she would lock herself in there late at night. She could hear Regina praying for a miracle and begging to keep her son just a little longer. Each day Regina woke up and looked less and less like herself...it was scaring the crap out of Emma to see her this way, but she figured this was just the process that Regina needed to go through.

Regina looked over at Emma and sighed. Emma squeezed her hand and kissed her forehead, "we're almost to Disney World..." Emma said trying to make Regina at least smile a little bit, just the smallest of smiles but...she didn't. The point was mute! Everything Emma had tried failed. "Yeah..." Regina whispered and looked down at her feet. "It will make Henry happy..." Emma whispered. That did it! Regina cracked a small smile and nodded her head, "yeah..I know it will." She cared deeply about Henry. Talking about him made her smile and made her cry all at the same time...when she thought of him she was reminded about what a special little boy he was and how lucky she was to have gotten to have him...but then she remembered how limited their time now was and it made her really upset.

An hour later the plane landed and Regina carried Henry in her arms, rocking him gently as he whimpered. "Mama the pain!"

"The medicine didn't help little bug?" There was a small waver in her voice and she cleared her throat. "No, not really..." Henry coughed loudly and buried his face into Regina's neck. "Mama it's chilly..." It wasn't chilly. It was so hot! It's Florida for crying out loud. Regina looked over at Emma and her eyes looked of complete sadness and desperation. "Here bud." Emma wrapped her sweater around him and he sighed, snuggling more into Regina.

Once they made it to the hotel they settled in and got everything put away for their stay in Florida. Regina laid Henry down on the bed and sighed. He looked pale, sick. His eyes had purple bags under them and his eyes had taken on a sort of off white color. Regina ran her hand over his cheek and kissed his lips in a motherly way. "You know mama loves you so much...right?" Emma was standing in the other room. She could hear everything but didn't want to intrude on their time so she stayed put.

"Yeah mommy...I know that." Henry whispered and took his moms hand in his, squeezing it as tight as he could. "And...I'll continue to love you from wherever you are." She continued and Henry got a watery smile. "I know that too..."

"I know you've accepted this but..." Her breath wavered. "Mamas not ready yet okay? You don't get to go yet do you hear me." Henry sighed sadly and clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth, a tear falling down the side of his cheek. His mother was in pain...."okay mama...I won't go anywhere until you say I can. I promise..." Regina whimpered and nearly broke down but she kept her composure. "Good...now rest baby boy. Tomorrow is gonna be a day of fun." She wiped his tear away and kissed his tiny nose.

When Regina walked out of the room she broke down, clinging to the bathroom counter and letting tears just stream down her cheeks. Her baby boy...her little prince...

Emma heard her and walked into the bathroom. "Honey,.." Regina turned around and buried her face in Emma's chest, crying. "I-I can't loose him..."

"You'll never loose him! Don't say that...you couldn't ever loose him."

"I...I know...I know that." Regina buried her face in Emma's neck and held on to her, whimpering quietly

Disney World.

"Okay bud! Here we go!" Emma giggled and Regina shook her head at the pair as they all entered splash mountain. They all got into the little boat and Henry giggled as animals popped up and they entered a dark part of the ride. "Woah..." Henry giggled and screeched when they went down the water fall. "Again! Again!" He smiled and they went on that ride three more times before they needed to take a break because Henry wasn't feeling to well. "Pace yourself bud." Regina smiled and bought him a hot dog and some fries with a water. "Eat something okay? Then I can give you more medicine." Henry nodded and ate his hot dog in relative silence fighting the urge to get sick. "Hmm...I don't feel good Emmy!" He whimpered and Emma nodded. "Okay be done. That's enough to take your medicine now..." Regina got out the pills and handed them to him. "Mama to big!" He whimpered and crossed his arms. "Henry they're the same ones from the plane." Emma remembered. "Yeah but I didn't want to be rude Emmy! You couldn't crush them on the plane so I just tried my best to swallow them." He sniffled and shrugged. Regina took the pills from Emma's hand and took her water bottle, crushing the pills up small and dissolving them in his water. "There you go,"

"Thank you mama!" Henry drank his water and they continued their fun day at the park. By the end of the day Henry was asleep on Regina's shoulder as they walked back into their hotel room. Regina was exhausted and so was Emma. Henry was already asleep so Regina just laid him down on his bed gently.

Emma and Regina crawled into their bed, cuddling up to one another. "I need your cuddles.." Regina whispered and Emma smiled happily, pulling Regina against her. Emma looked down at Regina and bit her lip. She smiled and leaned down capturing Regina's lips on hers. Regina moaned softly and cupped the back of Emma's neck. The kiss grew more and more deep and Regina gently swiped her tongue across Emma's bottom lip, she immediately granted access and their lips moved over one another's more frantically now.

Emma ran her hands up Regina's shirt, moving them further and further up until reality hit and Regina gasped, pulling her lips away from Emma's. "Emma, Henry is sleeping right beside us." Emma sighed and closed her eyes, nodding slowly. "To be continued?"

"To be continued." Regina agreed and buried her face into Emma's neck, a smile on her lips. She was happy she had Emma...she knew she couldn't go through this all on her own.

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