Time To Go.

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Regina growled and slammed her fist into the wall. Her mouth hung open as she shook her hand back and forth trying to get rid of the pain. It didn't help. "Ouch.." She whimpered and sighed. She sat down on the couch and let her wounded hand hang while the other rested against her forehead. She was so annoyed. Why would Emma just walk out...why couldn't they just talk about this like grown ups. Either way Regina looked at it she didn't approve of Emma's dropping out and she certainly wouldn't condone to it.

Emma held her hands tightly around the steering wheel until her knuckles began to turn white. She realized she was holding her breath because she was just..so angry! She let out a breath and sighed, she didn't know where to go. She didn't want to go back to school because then she would have to face M.M and she is clearly upset, so M.M would have questions and she would have to tell her about wanting to drop out. She shook her head and just drove, and kept driving.

Regina looked down at her wounded hand and realized it was swelling and her knuckles were beginning to bruise. "Oh..that's just...perfect.." She stood up and walked into the kitchen grabbing some ice and an ace bandage to wrap her hand in.

"Mama...?" Regina turned around quickly and sighed. "Yes sweetheart?"

"Where Emmy?" He whimpered and rubbed his eyes gently.

"Oh sweet boy..." Regina sighed. "Emmy..she went out for a little. She will be back soon.." She didn't really know when or...if Emma would be back.

"Mama! What happened...your hand." He asked walking up to her and gently taking her hand in his little tiny one.

Regina smiled and bit her lip. "I..I just hurt it." She gently lifted him into her arms, holding him on her right side. "Alright...bed time okay?" Henry leaned against Regina's shoulder and sighed.

Emma sighed and pulled up on the side of the road. She didn't have money to get a hotel and she was getting tired so she decided to just sleep in her car. She bit her lip and leaned her seat all the way back, pulling her sweatshirt on and curling up in a small ball. Her text tone went off on her phone and she looked at her phone.

Regina- just get back here.

Emma- no thanks.

Regina - come on...don't be like this. We can talk about this like adults.

Emma- no, cause apparently I'm not good enough for you. Right? I mean that is what you said!

Regina- you know what? Mature and when you do come to my house. We will only talk in person.

Emma- okay, boss.

Emma rolled her eyes and shook her head, biting her lip. She realized she was being so sarcastic with that last text but she didn't care. Regina didn't get to win so fast...

Regina- oh wow. Goodnight.

Emma sighed and closed her eyes just setting her phone down and not texting back. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep.
The next morning Regina woke up in a terrible mood...she couldn't believe her and Emma had just started dating and already had such a big fight. She looked down at her phone to find that Emma had read her text but didn't respond. 'Nice...' She thought and stood up.

"Henry..? Henry baby boy!" Regina called and walked into his room. He wasn't there..."Henry!" She called walking out into the kitchen. Where was he..."buddy?!" Regina called and started to panic.

"Mama!" She heard and ran toward the voice.

"Baby boy! Where are you!?"

"I in here mama!" The noise was coming from the bathroom. She ran toward the bathroom and opened the door slowly. Henry had spread her women's shaving cream all over his face and was pretending to shave it off. If that didn't make Regina laugh nothing would...she burst into laughter and snorted, covering her mouth. "Little bug! What are you doing!?" She laughed. Henry smiled brightly and giggled.

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