English 101

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A/U: this is a slow burning relationship. It's going to be an emotional rollercoaster so hold on. ;)

Regina was a teacher at a high end college in Maine. She never lived anywhere else except for the small amount of time she spend abroad in high school..but that was only because her mother forced her to. Told her it would be best for her. Paris. That's where she was sent to, it was beautiful and there were so many new sights to see..so many wonderful experiences that Paris had to offer. Little did she know the reasoning behind spending her senior year in Paris was to keep her far away from her boyfriend, the love of her life, Daniel. Her mother thought that boys were a waist of time and a waist of Regina's future...while Regina was gone..something terrible happened.

Daniel, he had been an amazing worker, dedicated, loved his job, also dedicated to school. The type of kid who would never fail a test, got straight A's but...his parents didn't come from the rich side of the tracks. He was poor, very poor. He worked on cars..his father taught him how when he was fourteen and that's what he knew how to do, that's what he loved to do. After school he went straight to his dad's shop and got to work.

One afternoon after Daniel had finished working he decided to go on a drive, enjoy himself a little bit. Regina was away and he missed her terribly, she was all he thought about everyday. He decided to go to their favorite hiking trail. So caught up in thought he didn't see that he had completely ran past a stop sign, a truck smacked the driver side of his car, flipping it over into a ditch and rendering him dead. Immediately. On impact. Even years later...thinking about that brought emotions to Regina that she wished to never feel again, she wished to push away but hopelessly could not.

27, single, a college professor. Regina sat behind her desk and played with her thumbs as students filtered into her room. "Class." She stood up in front of her desk and smoothed out all the imaginary wrinkles in it. Clearing her throat she picked up a pile of text books and handed them to the student in the center of the room, front row. "Pass some to your left and right, the rest toward the back." Once the young male had done that, she grabbed a new pile, asking the same of him. "Alright class! Welcome to English 101. I have handed you your text books for the semester. You ruin them? You're paying for it! Eighty eight dollars a book! That worth it?" All their mouths hung open as they looked down at the text books, shaking their heads in unison. "Great. Then flip to page twenty two and we will begin now-"

"Sorry! Sorry!"

"Excuse me? Are you lost, dear?"

"English 101? Then no ma'am, I'm not lost."

"Well you seem to lack attendance skills."

"W-what? But I'm here." The blonde mumbled tucking a curly, golden piece of hair behind her ear and shuffling further into the room, addressing the brunet with a shy smile.

"You are but..twenty minutes to late. Happens again and I will count you absent and have you sent out of this room. I assume I make myself clear?"

The blonde didn't hesitate to nod, shuffling to an empty seat and being handed a book before she sat down. "Thanks..." She mumbled to the student beside her.

"Now that we're all here. The first topic I would like to discuss is poetry! Now-"

Regina let out a low growl as a student toward the back of the room raised their hand. "Oh yes, another rule of mine. Save the questions until after the lesson." The hand slowly went down and earned a small nod from the agitated brunet.

"Poetry. Many different genres of poetry and many different ways to express poetry. I would like each and every one of you to write a small poem. It has to be at least a page long...remember spacing is important."

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