15 years later...

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Hey everyone. Surprised!? I figured it wasn't fair to cut the story off with such little knowledge of what became of their lives! Here you are. Enjoy! I love hearing your feedback.

"Grace Maria Swan Mills!" Regina shouted up the stairs. "Your breakfast is going to get cold!"

"Coming mother!" Grace shouted back and swung her backpack over her shoulder before racing down the stairs.

"Slow down!" Regina grunted, stopping her daughter with a small push of her shoulders. Grace was a spitting image of Emma. It was insane. Emma lifted her head as she smelt the sure aroma of bacon and sausage. "Food!!" She squealed, racing out of her and Regina's room. She came to a screeching halt, hitting the book case when she saw her glaring wife, her hands firmly placed on Graces shoulder. At the same exact time, they both huffed and let out a loud sigh saying, "sorry mom." Regina smirked and giggled, tapping her daughters bottom as she let her walk past into the kitchen. She stalked closer to her beloved blonde with a wicked grin. Regina slowly moved a strand of hair away from Emma's cheek and very quietly whispered, "would you like to call me mommy."

Emma gasped and looked at her wife in horror. "Gross babe!" Regina broke out in laughter and hummed. "You're the one who said it!"

"Not ever again! Promise!" They both laughed and gave each other a warm sweet hug. "Our baby girl will be sixteen in two weeks....where did the time go?" Emma huffed and shook her head.

"Heck if i know. Our baby boy will be twenty one in two months....it's insane to think about." Emma smirked and nudged Reginas shoulder."good thing you're forty nine and have never looked better." Regina rolled her eyes and hummed. They were ten years apart which placed Emma at a beautiful thirty nine.

"I'm glad you think so, dear." Emma gently pecked Regina's cheek. "Now go eat!" Emma obliged and lead them into the kitchen. Grace was already done. "Mama I'll be late!" She screeched with a mouth full of food. "Definitely your kid." Regina rolled her eyes, "ours." Emma corrected, kissing her wife lovingly. Regina still felt her heart flutter to this day. "Rain check on breakfast!" Emma pouted as Grace pulled her out the door. "Bye mom! Love you!" Regina giggled and walked into the kitchen to clean up. "I love you too, darling."

The house was always so quiet when she was along, the family made it full of life. Regina walked to the stairs and looked at the wall beside it, lined with family pictures and memories. First it was Roscoe and Grace. Grace insisted they get her a dog for her twelfth birthday...so being the spoiled child she is, Emma had to go out behind Regina's s back and get it. The memory of Emma that morning when Regina found out made her laugh. Her and the dog walked up to Regina with their tails caught between their legs....that was the moment she knew they could keep him. He would blend right in. Next on the wall was Henry's sixth grade graduation. His little certificate in his hands, a wide smile on his face that reached all the way up top his eyes..his four year old sister standing behind him some. Then came a picture of the entire family. It was park day! They used to do it all the time when Henry was home...it was tradition the last Sunday of every month. Henry and Grace were playing catch with Roscoe while Emma and Regina were sipping their wine, using their phones to capture a moment the entire family could enjoy. Regina walked up the stairs more and whimpered, starring at the picture before her...Henry's cancer free scans. That moment he was told no more. You're cured. You will live a long life. That totally lowered Regina's resolve and she broke down crying. The knob to the front door slowly opened and it was Emma. "Baby!?" Emma frowned and ran to her crying wife.

"What is it! Oh please don't cry!" Emma hated it when Regina was upset or hurting at all. Emma looked up at the photo in front of them and suddenly knew."oh baby..shhh" she hugged her wife close to her. "Baby he is okay. He's okay." Regina shook her head and snuffled loudly, clutching on to Emma's shirt. "No no...I mean..yes, but not just that." Emma was confused. "We need to do park day more...we need to be more aware of what we are grateful for...what we are lucky to have." Emma smiled widely and her eyes got teared up as she listened. "We need to take more pictures and enjoy the small moments..." Regina took Emma's hand and walked more up the stairs. "Remember this...?" She pointed at a picture.

Emma giggled and gave her a watery smile, her arms encasing around Regina more. "Of course I do...how could I forget." It was a New Years picture... Almost nineteen years back. Their very first New Years kiss...

"Babe!" Emma giggled and crossed her legs more under herself, they were both way more than drunk. They'd had a little to much. "You know I love you right...?" Emma whispered in Regina's ear and Regina turned her head to see Emma. "I do. I love you too.." They smiled and stared into each others eyes. "Oh shoot!" Regina squealed, making Emma gasp. "Babe what!" Regina rushed to the t.v and whimpered. "We missed the ball drop!" She pouted and Emma bit her lip. They were so distracted by each other that they completely forgot. Emma hummed, she had an idea. She pulled up her laptop and pulled out last years ball drop. "Then I guess we just have to create our own..." Regina looked at her with loving eyes and slowly approached as Emma hit play and the count down began. She got her phone out to snap a picture at the perfect time.

"Two..one! Happy New Year!" They shared a loving kiss and giggled happily, smiling against each other's lips.
End of flashback..
That was  the photo in the frame. "It was one of the greats.." Regina hummed. "One of the bests..." Emma gave her a light squeeze and sighed. "I love you Emma Swan Mills." That still gave her butterflies.
Later that night Regina and Emma were making dinner. Grace had called to say soccer practice would be running a little late. Emma and Regina s hadn't cooked with each other in a long time...between work and everything else, they were lucky if they got to spend two hours a day together before they hit the pillow. Regina giggled and danced around the kitchen mire with her lovely wife as Emma reached over, turning the music up some more.

"Baby!" Regina squeaked and hummed as Emma lifted her up, kissing her lovingly and slowly. "Hmm I'm so glad I found you Regina Swan Mills."

"We found each other..." They shared one more slow and soft kiss, smiling from ear to ear.

The door began to open again and to their surprise it was their baby boy. They gasped and their hearts clutched in their chests. He was going to college states away. "Oh my god!" Regina sobbed and ran to him, his arms wide open. "Mommy.." He still called her that. He gently picked her up and spun her around. "I've missed you both..." He greeted Emma in the same way when she approached him. "I-I'm confused sweetheart." Regina mumble, wiping her tears. "I have a two week break. No classes! So I needed to come home!" They hadn't seen their boy since New Years and it was April. "Well your sister is going to freak." Emma chimed in with a giggle and they all hugged. Henry had filled out quite a bit. He was almost six foot now and had a well defined six pack. He worked out at the gym once a week so he had some great arm muscles as well. He wasn't a little boy anymore... He was a man.

They all moved into the living room and sat down to talk. "How's school going kid?" Emma asked. She still called him that. "Great!" He hummed. "I'm done soon. Then police academy here I come." They all hummed and giggled. "We're so proud of you."
At five o'clock Emma walked in the door with Grace. Henry was hiding up in her room to surprise her. "Straight to your homework young lady!" Regina called up the stairs and Grace gave her a sharp nod. She set her books on her desk and went to open her closet. Just as she did, Henry jumped out and she screamed loudly before realizing. "Oh my god!" She sobbed and jumped into her big brothers arms. Emma and Regina giggled, standing in the door way. "I missed you!" Grace whimpered. "I missed you all." Henry looked at his moms and sighed happily. Every thing was falling in place...

There you are lovely readers!! Leave your feedback. I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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