The Future.

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Regina stared down at her girlfriend with tears collecting in her eyes. She didn't know what to do, what to say, how to react right now!

"Baby...please say something." Emma stared up at her girlfriend with a look of horror on her face! Why is she taking so long? Is it hard to answer?

"Emma I.."

"Regina, baby?"

"Emma I love you so much." Regina closed her eyes and took a deep breath, the immediate moment that came to her mind was..the first time Emma met her son. She was so incredible with amazing..she treated him like he was a normal little boy, not as a sick cancer patient.

Emma was internally panicking! How could she not be saying anything at all...oh god, she doesn't want to marry me! She's going to leave me...

Regina opened her eyes and stared at Emma, "yes. Yes Emma. Yes." Tears rolled down her cheeks as she stared down at her..fiancé.

"Oh my god..yes? Oh my god! Yes!" She couldn't believe this was happening....she was actually going to marry her best friend, the one who she loved the absolute most, the one who made her feel so loved, so special. She was on top of the world right now. Emma slipped the beautiful diamond ring on her fiancées hand and she stood up quickly, wrapping her arms fully around the beautiful brunettes waist.

Regina squealed loudly and wrapped her arms around Emma's neck, crying against the warm soft skin of her lover. "Oh my god I'm engaged.." She whimpered and looked at her ring slowly, rubbing Emma's back gently with the other hand. Regina was the so taken back by this...she was so happy but she'd never have thought that Emma would propose..especially the way she did, but it was so spontaneous and absolutely perfect.

"We are engaged...I'm gonna marry the hell out of you." Emma giggled happily, pulling back to look at Regina.

"Oh my god..moron." Regina laughed as she pushed her lips against her fiancés. They just stood in the middle of the kitchen, rocking back and forth as they kissed. "Hmm...I am so happy at this very moment."

"I'm happy every single moment I spend with you." Regina whispered into her lovers ear. Regina didn't even know what to say other than share her love for the blonde. She was so taken by surprise by the sudden pleasantly surprised.

Emma finally pulled away with a small giggle and she kissed her fiancées cheek. "Hmm.."

"Ohh! I was in the middle of cooking dinner!" Regina hummed happily, Emma rolled her eyes playfully and sighed, "really baby?" She hummed happily, watching her girl with a happy smile. She was in love...they were in love.

"Where's our little monster!?" Emma giggled. Our.

"He's asleep..I was gonna wake him up shortly!"

"Okay baby.." Emma walked over and wrapped her arms around Regina's waist, kissing the back of her neck. "Hmm.." Regina let out a small moan of appreciation, a small blush creeping up her neck. Emma giggled and hummed, pulling some hair out of the way and she gently sucked on her neck.

"Oh Emma..." Regina groaned, leaning her head against Emma slowly. "Hmm.."


Emma gasped loudly and pulled back sharply, rubbing the back of her neck. "Hi buddy!" Emma giggled loudly and ran over to the small boy standing in front of them, he was wearing his cute little monkey pajamas and his hair was all messy from just waking up. "How did you sleep!" Emma giggled and took a deep breath.

"Good mommy!"

"Hmm I'm very happy about that!"

Regina giggled and shook her head at the pair, pushing the lasagna in the oven. "Oh my loves.."

"Mama!" Henry held his arms out to Regina and smiled brightly. "Hi my little bug." Regina whispered, taking Henry slowly from Emma.

"You hungry?"

"YES!" Henry squealed happily and looked down, he noticed Regina's ring and gasped loudly. "Pwetty mama!"

"Hmm it is isn't it?" Regina winked at Emma.

"Very very! Who got you it?"

"Well..." Emma stepped in.

"How would you feel about mommy marrying mama..?"

"WEALLY!?" Henry was jumping for joy, well...not literally because he was in Regina's arms but he was bouncing up and down happily.

"Oh well that makes us very happy!" Regina said with a glowing smile, she looked up at Emma and shook her head happily, giggling.

It was in that very moment that Emma fell even more in love with her fiancé...looking into those beautiful chocolate eyes, her smile just lighting up the blondes entire world. "We're gonna be a family." Emma giggled.


"Yes baby?"

Regina took a slow breath and sighed, "I want you to adopt Henry..really be his mommy." Tears sprang to Emma's eyes and Henry looked up at the pair confused, he didn't know what that meant...he thought Emma was already his mommy.

"Oh my god..." Emma whimpered and pulled her little family closer to her, holding on to them both.

"And I want more kids."

"What!?" Tears ran down Emma's cheeks as she smiled brightly. "Wow you're just...flooding with ideas for the future huh?"

Regina giggled and nodded. "Yes...I want kids with you. I want Henry to really have two parents. I want to marry you, I want this family!"

Emma stared at her beautiful wife to be with a great big smile. "Oh my god...this is..."

"So unreal."  Regina finished in a small whisper.

Suddenly Henry's little voice pipped up. "I gonna have brodder or sisser!" He giggled and covered his mouth happily. Regina and Emma giggled loudly and smile at him.

"Yeah." They both agreed in unison.

A/N- alright my lovely viewers...I think this is it. This story has been an amazing long ride and I am so happy with it...I may do one more final chapter depending on what you all say!!! So comment!!! But...if not then, thank you so much for reading, I hope you liked's so unreal to think it's done. Thank you.

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