So You've Said..

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"Henry!" Regina called as she heard the small sound of gagging and whimpering Im between. Regina rubbed her eyes and crawled out of bed. It was the middle of the night, two in the morning and Henry had been feeling sicker. He was having trouble walking around the house without feeling dizzy and yucky. Regina had gone to the pharmacy and got Henry some prescription drugs that had been helps him tons..he was due to take them.

Regina walked out into the living room and sighed. Emma was up, helping him off the couch and to the bathroom...the last few days she had insisted on staying here to help and...honestly it was a real comfort.

"Okay little we're just gonna get you in the shower, clean you up and then you can lay back down and watch a movie maybe?" Emma smiled at him as she helped him out of his puked on clothes, getting him into the shower. Regina slowly walked up behind them and smiled. "Henry are you alright baby boy?!" Regina asked worriedly.

"Oh got woken up?"

"'s built into me now. Whenever I even hear Henry I get up."

"Makes're a good mama." Emma smiled and bit her lip, turning her attention back to Henry and running soap over his hairless head, and putting some in the palm of his hand. Henry began to wash his body and sniffle.

"I try.." Regina whispered, smiling at Emma lazily.


"Oh damn it." Regina got a wash cloth and dampened it, running back into the bathroom. "Hold it over your nose..." Henry did just that. Another bloody nose...they were getting worse and becoming closer together.

"Emma. You have school tomorrow morning...why don't you head to bed? I can deal with this if you'd like." Emma had been sleeping on a blow up mattress in the living room. Ever since Regina and Emma's kiss things had been between the two women, but it hadn't happened again. Regina explained it as a moment of weakness. She was vulnerable and sad, Emma was a good person and friend. The kiss was nothing more than a kiss. But Emma saw right through those words...she was quite good at reading people..Regina especially for some reason.

"Nope...I'm helping and frankly I haven't slept much at all anyways. Henry and I have been having a movie night! Right buddy!" She smiled as she pulled Henry out of the bath and the towel away from his nose.

"Yea! Emmy and me are watching a spooky movie next!"

"Spooky? How spooky?" Regina raised her eyebrow and looked at Emma.

"It's Scooby Doo the movie." Emma snickered. "Spooky to a four year old though.."

Regina snickered and smiled. "Well alright.., you need me to stay? I could..I want-"

"You just can't get enough of me." Emma joked.

Regina scoffed and laughed. "That must be it!" She scooped Henry up and put on the Scooby Doo pjs he had that he demanded he wore for the movie.

"Emmy look!"

"What is it buddy?"

"My pjs! They match for the movie!"

Emma smiled and giggled. "Wow you just thought of everything!"

"Yeah..I told mama I had to wear them."

"Good call."

Regina rolled her eyes and held Henry on her hip, sitting down on the couch and holding him on her lap. Henry leaned against her. Regina reached over to grab a blanket to cover them but Henry stopped her.

"No mama it can't cover my pjs!"

"Okay..okay" Regina sighed. Emma laughed and kissed Henry's tiny foot that stuck out off the couch. Emma was sitting on the air mattress in front of them. "Demanding tonight are we!"

"Well..they have scooby and shaggy on them...can't cover it!"

Regina laughed and smiled at her son. "Silly boy..." She kissed his bald head and leaned her head against the couch.

"Emmy? Come sit by me and mama?" He pointed to the spot on the couch beside Regina. "Okay" Emma giggled and stood up, sitting criss crossed on the couch, smiling over at Regina. Regina returned the smile and the movie began grabbing all their attention.
"Mamaaaa...turn it upppp" Henry whined about half way through the movie. Regina groaned and reached for the remote turning the the volume up some more. Henry tried to act out the scenes along with the characters and it was the most adorable thing.

"Kill the monster Fred! Ha. Shaggy ran away!" He giggled behind his hands.

Regina and Emma smiled at him and slowly looked at one another, their hands sitting on the couch, side by side. Emma bit her lip and looked back at the movie as did Regina.

Regina felt Emma's hand shuffling closer and she watched out of the corner of her eye. Emma slowly moved her hand over Regina's and linked their pinkies together. A smile ran over Regina's face and a small blush.

"Mama!" The shout startled them and they moved back to reality quickly pulling their hands apart. "What baby boy!?"

"Oh no they jumped out with window!" Henry gasped and Regina sighed moving more against the couch and biting her lip.


The movie had almost finished and Regina could feel her eyes closing. They would open for a few seconds and then slowly close, she pulled them back open every time and yawned. Finally she decided to let sleep consume her and she closed her eyes, her head falling back against the couch cushion.

As the credits rolled Emma looked over at Regina and giggled. "Henry..." She got his attention.


"Look at mama." Henry looked behind him and giggled going to poke her cheek. Emma reached out and gently captured his hand. "Let her sleep okay? She's tired."

Henry nodded and smiled.

"How about you make our bed up on the air mattress for tonight and I'll get mama to bed? Yeah?"

"Okay!" Henry whispered excitedly and began to lay the blankets and pillows down. Emma easily put one arm under Regina's head and the other under her legs being sure to not wake her up and she lifted her up.

"Wow! You strong..." Henry whispered with a smile.

Emma giggled and sighed, "I'll be right back." Henry nodded and laid down on the air mattress.

Emma carried Regina to her room and laid her down in the bed, covering her up carefully. "Goodnight..." Emma whispered and kissed Regina's forehead.

Regina smiled and opened her eyes slowly. "You are strong." She mumbled.

"You're awake..and you're not heavy."

"I am, and heavier than you I'm sure."

"Not heavy."

Regina smiled lazily and sighed, "I'm sleepy.,,"

"Go to sleep...I'll be right here."

"So you've said.."

"Do you trust me?"

Regina took a moment to think but then nodded. "You know what..? I do."

"Then know that I'll be here. I won't run and I'm not afraid. I love this family..."

Regina bit her lip. "We are pretty great."

Emma giggled and nodded. "I know that."

"Goodnight Emma..."

"Goodnight Regina..."

Emma walked out of the room, turning off the lights and smiling to herself. Regina bit her lip and closed her eyes smiling as she let sleep take over once again.

Emma walked out into the living room and smiled brightly at what she saw. Henry was asleep on one side of the mattress, his mouth slightly open and his arms up above his head. Emma grabbed her phone and snapped a picture, she wanted to have as many moments and as many memories as she could...

A/N: updates are moving quicker now! Hope you enjoyed this chapter and the whole story so far. :)

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