Getting Worse.

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"Regina...Regina.."Emma whispered brushing the crying girls hair back and rocking her gently.

"Emma...he's been in the hospital three weeks. They said I can't have him go."

"Regina, why won't you just let them tell you what they found on the scans. It will ease your mind..."

"Or it will send me into a panic! It's obviously awful if I can't even take him home.." Emma sighed and rubbed her back gently. "Then let them tell you. Last time they tried you told them you didn't want to hear it. That cant be true..?"

"No! It's very true. I have given up treatments on my son and I know that now all we have is time...I don't want to know how fast his cancer is progressing or where it's progressing to...then I know that's all I'll think about..." She whimpered, fresh tears rolling down her cheeks.

"That's my little boy. He deserves more than a hospital bed, crappy hospital food and television. He wants to play like the regular kids...that's what I promised him and I intend to keep that promise..." Regina whispered, taking Emma's hand and squeezing it once. "Okay baby..." Emma whispered gently causing Regina's first smile of the day.

"I like that..."

"Like what?" The blonde smiled.

"When you call me makes this feel real." She sighed softly.

"Well it is real, baby." Regina blushed softly and smiled once again. Emma leaned in and kissed Regina gently, intertwining their hands.  "Come on...lets go try and talk to the doctors..see what they'll allow."

Regina took a deep breath and nodded, standing up slowly. Emma walked in front of Regina, guiding her to where Henry's doctor was. They waited patiently while he finished up a conversation with another doctor.

"Dr. Whale..?"

"Yes! Emma and Regina what can I do for you?"

Regina sniffled and stepped forward. "Dr..I want to take Henry home-"

"You know I can't permit that! If your just let me tell you why-"

"No! I don't want to know why..I told you why I don't.." Dr. Whale nodded and sighed. "Well then you'll just have to trust that I can't-"

"Henry wants to be like normal boys." Emma interjected.

"Excuse me Emma?" The doctor asked turning to her.

"Henry wants to be like normal boys. He wants to spend his days at the park, or at the beach! Walking and playing with his friends. He doesn't want to spend the rest of his..." She took a small pause and looked down "the rest of his life laying in a hospital bed. Just let us take him out. We will do whatever you ask of us...but while he lives a life outside of these walls." Emma sighed, "please..." She begged.

Dr. Whale looked at his shoes and sighed. "Alright...I'll see what we can do...but Henry needs to have a strict plan. We will work that out before the three of you leave." Regina and Emma nodded frantically.

"Henry! Henry buddy we're going home today!" Emma reminded him in an excited voice and Henry squealed. "Yay! I'm so happy." His smile was so bright and he had just gotten the biggest and best gift ever. His smile brought tears of joy to Emma's eyes, tears that Regina saw and gently squeezed Emma's hand. "Come on buddy! Let's get you ready!" Regina smiled helping him out of bed gently.

The doctor told Regina that Henry had to wear oxygen tubes that went through his nose and fed him more oxygen because he wasn't getting enough. Regina didn't even try to question why that was...she just nodded and allowed them to do what they needed to. Henry would have to be wearing this at all times except for in the bath or shower.

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