Future Looks Bright.

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One year later...

   Regina waddled through the front door with a loud sigh, she had been having such back pains lately. She took some health vitamins and grunted quietly, walking in through the kitchen.

"Emma? Baby?!"

Emma groaned loudly and stood up off the couch, walking into the kitchen with a small smile. "Hi baby." She giggled.

"Oh hello you two!" Regina walked over to her fiancée and laid two hands over Emma's growing pregnancy belly. "Hi my love.." She bent down and kissed Emma's stomach gently. "Hi my love." She winked, kissing Emma as well. Emma had wanted to carry their baby..she hadn't gotten to experience that joy and she really truly wanted to! Regina jumped on board right away, she wanted Emma to truly understand the bond of carrying your child.

"How are you feeling, baby?" Regina ran her fingers through Emma's hair with a smile.

"Actually...a lot better today."

"Hmm..our little one hasn't been bugging you to much?"

Emma was now five months pregnant, almost six months. Regina and Emma both agreed that they didn't care what order they planned their future, wedding or baby first..as long as they got there. They decided they didn't care to know the sex of the baby until they were holding their bundle of joy in their arms.

"No..our little one has been great to mommy today!"

Regina giggled happily and hugged Emma as closely as she could. "I have to go pick Henry up from kindergarten soon.."

"Hm I'll go with you!"

"Sure you're up for it?"

"Of course! Oh yeah..how's your back been feeling baby?"

"Oh it's..okay, I'll just remember to not trip on the front steps next time." They both giggled and Emma pouted sadly. "Baby you really worried me. You could've been really really hurt."

"But I'm perfectly fine! Just some bruising and pulled muscles."

"Baby." Emma sighed and rolled her eyes.

"You're so cute when you're annoyed with me..." Regina pulled the blonde closer and they shared a sweet, slow kiss. "I love you."

"I love you so much, Regina."

Twenty minutes later Regina pulled in front of Henry's school. "I'll go get him!"

"Babe, I got it. I'm pregnant not incompetent."

Regina giggled and huffed, "I didn't say you were! Okay go get him darling. I'd rather sit here anyways." Emma rolled her eyes playfully at that, she opened the car door and got out with a grunt, she waddled to the front door and walked inside. Regina watched her beautiful girl in a daze. She couldn't be more happy. Soon enough they would have another baby together...perfect little family.

Soon enough Emma walked out the front door with Henry. One of his hands was in Emma's and the other on her stomach, Regina smiled brightly and giggled. "Hi mama!" Henry squealed, getting in the backseat and Emma buckled him in.

"Hello darling."

Emma got into the passenger seat with a loud huff, "you alright baby?" Regina reached over and grabbed the blondes hand. "I'm okay babe, just sleepy!" Emma whined, leaning her head over on Regina's shoulder. Regina looked at her with such love and adoration. "I know honey. We can nap when we get home!"

Regina walked hand and hand with Emma as they walked inside the house, Emma yawned loudly and grunted. "Henry will you be okay if mama and I go nap?" He nodded and began to color in his favorite coloring book, sitting nicely on the couch.

"Love you little bug."

"Love you too mama!"

Regina walked Emma into their room and rubbed her back softly. She grunted quietly as she shut the door and guided Emma to their big bed. "Hmm baby.." Emma mumbled, pulling Regina down beside her slowly.

"Come here my love..." Regina moved behind Emma and put her legs on either side of the blonde. She reached over and grabbed a bottle of lotion, slowly lifting the pregnant blondes shirt. She poured some lotion into her hands and gently began to rub it over Emma's stomach.

"Mmm.." Emma moaned in appreciation, leaning her head back on Regina's shoulder. "Thank you baby."

"You're very welcome! Just relax..." And relax Emma did. She groaned quietly and closed her eyes, letting her body loosen up and go limp against Regina. Regina gently massaged Emma's stomach in slow circles, spreading the lotion over her stomach. She hummed quietly in her lovers ear, kissing the side of Emma's neck.

"So.." Emma finally piped up.


"If we have a boy what would you like for him to be named?"

There was a long pause, "Regina?"


"What would you like our baby boy to be named..?"


"Baby..?" Emma pulled away from Regina just enough to turn herself around. She faced Regina and hooked her legs over Regina's thighs.

"I just..."

"Hey. Talk to me?" Emma cupped Regina's cheeks. Regina looked down and slowly leaned into Emma's touch...she didn't know how to say this, what if Emma said no, what if she reacted poorly to the idea.

"I would love for his name to be Daniel.."

Emma gasped and bit her bottom lip, a watery smile showing on her lips. "E-Emma...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. It was just a..silly thought." Regina shook her head and looked down.

Slowly, Emma lifted the beautiful brunettes chin and smiled happily. "No, no, that's a perfect name. I love that."

Regina gasped and smiled brighter than ever. "Oh baby! Really? T-that's okay..?" She let out a shaky sigh.

"Yes of course. That's perfect. Daniel it is.."

Regina leaned against Emma and whimpered, nuzzling their noses together. She slowly leaned in and kissed the blonde slowly, a small smile on her lips as their lips moved against each other's, just taking each other in completely. Regina slowly pulled away with a soft hum. She laid her hands on Emma's stomach and smiled. "So...if it's a girl, what shall our princesses name be?"

Emma smiled brightly and bit her bottom lip, sighing. "Well...I was thinking.."

"Yes?" Regina giggled happily.

"I was thinking...Grace."

Regina smiled brightly and hummed, closing her eyes for a second. "Oh that sounds perfect."




They stared at each other for a long moment and then shared another slow and loving kiss. Emma nipped at Regina's bottom lip and groaned, pulling her close, holding on to her tightly. Regina whimpered happily and wrapped her arms around Emma's neck, running her fingers through the blondes hair. Emma smiled against Regina's lips and slowly leaned her head against the brunettes.

Regina groaned happily and giggled. "Now..lets talk wedding."

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