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"Dr. Whale..." Regina gasped, crossing her hands over her chest for comfort. She cleared her throat and stepped back inside her apartment, "what can I do for you?"

"Where's Emma?" He asked walking inside with a regal look on his face.

"S-she got a new job...she's at work. Why?"

"And Henry...?"

"His...his nanny took him to the park for me so I could get things done here. Whale, what do you want!"

"Good." Was all he said before he lunged at her from across the room, slamming his lips against hers. Regina whimpered loudly and gasped. She pulled back like she had been burnt and she slammed her palm against his cheek, kneeing him in the balls. "Get the fuck away from me!" She cried, tears shining in her eyes as she backed up against the wall, covering her mouth with her hand.

"Regina...I just want to speak with you.." Dr. Whale stalked closer.

"No you don't! You just showed me what you want!"

"It's not like that..." Dr. Whale held his hands up, trapping Regina between himself and the wall. "Get away!" Regina practically yelled, shoving him back some, he almost tripped over the carpet.

Suddenly the door burst open and Henry ran through with the nanny. "Mama!" He squealed and then saw Dr. Whale, "Dr. Whale!" Henry ran toward him.

"Henry!" Regina stepped forward, making sure her tears weren't present and she shook her head. "Go play please..." Beth walked into sight and knew something was wrong immediately. "Regina?"

"N-nothing...go see Henry please?"

Bethany nodded slowly, unsure if she should really leave. She walked into Henry's room, leaving the door open a crack.

"Regina..I-" Victor started and took a deep breath.

"Don't fucking try! Don't you dare justify your perverse, pig actions." Regina cried, wiping her mouth in disgust. "You make me sick!" Hot tears burnt her eyes, "leave!" How would she explain this to would Emma believe she was attacked, he would've..

"Go! Victor! Go!" Regina yelled and held the door wide open. Victor didn't stutter to move his feet, "Regina..." He stopped at the door. Regina didn't even look at him. She kept her eyes cast down at the floor.... "I am sorry I emotions got the best of me." He left and walked down the hall as Regina slammed the door closed and fell down against it, crying softly.

"Henry stay and play..." Bethany whispered walking out of Henry's room and into the living room. "Regina." She gasped and slowly moved toward her, "what happened...did he..?"

"N-no but..." Regina held her knees against her chest and took a deep breath, letting out a shaky one.

"But what?"

"H-he...kissed me. I didn't like it...I pushed him away immediately and..slapped him. Thank goodness you came in when you did because..because..." Regina let out shaky sobs. Beth gasped and shook her head, falling down beside Regina and she held her close. "It's's okay...try and breathe!"

Regina couldn't get big enough breaths in. "I just feel so gross...violated and...I don't understand why. Like..why! Since when does he even..." She slowly shook her head, "I just want her please?"

"Of course!"

Emma bust through the apartment door with a shaky breath as she looked at her girlfriend curled up on the couch. "Baby" Regina gasped and looked up, "Emma!" She ran to her girlfriend and buried her face in Emma's neck, the crying began once again. "Talk to me..."


Emma's face got beat red with anger and she held on to Regina tighter, her heart rate felt like it was speeding so fast and that's because it was. Her eyes felt on fire. The only thing Beth told her on the phone was that Regina had been crying, there was a real emergency and she should get  "He didn't...he.."

"N-no! No...not that.." Regina laid a reassuring hand against Emma's cheek. "He just...forcefully kissed me." She shook her head, sniffling.

Emma growled lowly and lifted her girlfriend into her arms, laying down on the couch. Regina's head rested down on Emma's chest as they laid there.

"That bastard. I should have him arrested." Emma growled.

" I..I don't know what came over him honestly but...I did slap him and..kick him in the nuts hard." A smirk fell upon Regina's face and Emma couldn't help but giggle. "That's my girl..."

"Your girl."


Emma leaned down and pressed her lips against Regina's gently. She slowly ran her fingers around to the back of the brunets neck, holding them close together. She felt so safe, so right with Regina.

Later that night Regina was asleep with her head resting on Emma's lap as they watched a movie in their room. Emma looked away from the t.v and saw Henry standing in their doorway with his little duck stuffed animal in his hands.


"I had nightmares...I sleep with you and mama?"

"Yes of course...come on buddy." Emma carefully lifted Regina and pulled her on to her chest so they were one, taking up less space. She kissed her girlfriends hair and wrapped the blankets around their shoulders.

"M-mama cry earlier?" Henry whispered as he climbed up into the bed, wrapping the blankets around himself. His cute little hands resting over the quilt.

"She was.." Emma didn't like lying, she figured if he knew, he asked, what's the sense in lying.

"Oh.." Henry took a second, looking at his mama. "Dr. Whale one of the bad guys?"

"I could say that." Emma shrugged rubbing Regina's back. "Why do you say that?"

"He made mama cry..."

"Yes, he did." Emma shook her head, kissing Regina's forehead.

"But you made her better!?" Henry's smile grew dramatically and Emma giggled.

"That's exactly right little duck."

"I'm make mama happy..." Then the talking stopped as Henry just shrugged casually and looked over at the t.v.

A small smile formed over Regina's lips as she nuzzled further into Emma. She slowly began kissing up her lovers neck until her lips met her ear. "You do..." She wasn't really asleep, faker. Emma smirked and giggled, shaking her head. "I'm glad..." She gently kissed Regina's lips, not capturing Henry's attention. "I love you.."

"I love you..."

Emma sighed and snuggled further into Regina, taking a deep breath. "We've got class tomorrow.." Emma groaned.

"Yes we do!" Regina mumbled quietly.

"Do you Work tomorrow?"

Emma sighed and shook her head, "thankfully we can come home together..."

"Oh good." Regina whispered, clutching the blondes tank top.

Henry slowly turned toward the couple and he sucked his thumb gently, nuzzling against them. "Night..." He mumbled, closing his eyes.

"Good night..." Regina slowly closed her eyes, breathing in deeply.

"I love you both..." Emma whispered as she rubbed Regina's back, looking up at the ceiling with a small smile, this was what she had always wanted for be with a family like this...just cozy. She just kept worrying for Regina, she hoped she was really okay after today and not just putting up some front...
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