No Third Chances.

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7:00 am

Regina groaned softly and bit the entirety of her bottom lip, the light shining in through the curtain, and her mouth completely dry from sleep. She felt a warmth against the back of her head and her eyes widened. She looked up and saw a man, not just any man. Victor Whale. She gasped and jumped up quickly, wrapping her arms around herself and clearing her throat.

Whale slowly pealed his eyes open and smiled weakly, yawning.

"Whale? What are you doing sleeping on my couch. With me." Regina asked, her chin held high and her stance stiff and straight.

" had been crying horribly, and..I was going to go but you were just so comfortable. I didn't want to wake you up. I'm sorry!" He sighed and stood up, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yes well, Whale, I think it's time you leave..."

"Victor." He corrected.

"Whale will do fine, I don't want any confusion on what last night was. I was in a vulnerable place, missing the love of my life, dealing with my healing son all on my not mistake it for anything other." Regina warned, raising her perfectly manicured eyebrow.

Whale nodded and sighed, "right well..I should go." He sighed, Regina nodded and bit her lip, running her fingers through her hair, tugging apart the knots and rubbing her scalp. "If you need know where to look."

Regina nodded and bit her bottom lip, "thank you Whale.." She said sincerely. "For..Henry if it weren't for you, for your skills and your dedication and determination towards his case..I don't know where we'd be." Whale nodded and smiled, wrapping his jacket around his shoulders and sighing. "Henry is a great was the biggest pleasure and such a happiness to help him get better." Regina smiled warmly and held the door for him, "well..goodbye, thank you." Whale nodded and smiled at her before leaving out of the apartment, walking down the hall. Regina bit her bottom lip and shut the door softly.

She walked into the kitchen and hummed softly, making a pot of coffee for the morning. She looked at the clock and sighed, Henry would probably be up at around eight. Which would give her time for a shower and to maybe have some down time before her day began..oh and she had to call the college! Hopefully she could return to her job next semester, same time Henry would start his first day of kindergarten. She sighed and walked into her room grabbing out some new clothes and a brush so she could properly brush her hair.

Regina looked up at the front door and sighed when she heard a small, almost shy knock. Whale. Agh what did he need now..? As if it wasn't awkward enough for her and found herself asleep on his chest, her eyeliner soaked into his shirt from all her crying. The way he had a smile on his face like he really enjoyed it, he was a sweet guy but..her heart was with someone else. Emma.

"Whale what-" Regina stood there at the door, holding it in her shaky hand as she looked at the women in front of her...blonde curls falling down, framing her face, beautiful Emerald eyes..a smile that could turn any straight women gay.

"Emma" Regina gasped and shook her head back and forth, backing up into the apartment more, whimpering quietly. She covered her mouth and let out a small puff of air as Emma stepped into the apartment closer.
5 minutes ago...

Emma walked up to the front door of Regina's home and took a shaky breath, closing her eyes and bouncing on the balls of her feet for a moment. She was more nervous than she could possibly have imagined...this was Regina! The love of her life, but also...the hardcore, hard to read, moody, bitchy, strong, powerful, hardheaded women that she had come to know so well.

She reached her hand up and intended on knocking firmly but her shaking hand wouldn't allow it, so it was more of a small stutter against the wood. She heard footsteps approaching the door and whimpered.

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