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Two weeks had passed and Regina was toying with the idea of going back to teaching at the college. She missed the environment and working, she missed the students believe it or not. Regina was still struggling with the idea of sending Henry to school..maybe she'd wait until next year, when his immune system was more build, and better adept to deal with the germs of other children's hands and even the air they breathed. She rolled around in bed, trying to find a comfortable position that would ease her mind enough to allow her sleep. Hopeless. Not gonna happen. To much raced through her mind! Henry's school was starting soon, if she was going to enroll him she had to do it soon. A new semester at the college would pick up in two weeks, if she wanted her job back, that would be the perfect time to claim it.

Emma could feel her distress and pealed her eyes open slowly, the tiredness in them making it hard to see straight for a few seconds. "Hmm.." She groaned as more of an acknowledgment of Regina than anything, "what are you doing awake?" Emma wrapped a protective arm around Regina, pulling her into her side gently. "I can't sleep. There is way to much on my mind, to many things that hold to much weight." Emma nodded slowly, her eyes still shut, but she was listening. "Okay, tell me."

"I want to go back to work..."

At that Emma's eyes were wide open and she hovered over Regina slightly, "you do?"
Regina nodded eagerly and bit her bottom lip. "I miss it. I miss teaching! Hell, I even miss the students." Emma listened intently and nodded, "if that's what you think is best for you, then do it baby. I can stay home and watch Hen-"

"That's the other thing. Next month...kindergarten will start, I am still debating on whether or not Henry should be enrolled this year."

Emma took in the new information with a slow nod, her eyebrow crinkling together. "Oh." She said simply, "so...ill stay home then! And..I am going to start work again, I feel like I must contribute."

"Emma." Regina mumbled sternly, as of scolding a stubborn child. "You need to go back to school. Get your education! I'll teach, Henry may be going to school, you will go to school. There's no reason you shouldn't be there!" Regina said with clear annoyance in her voice.

"Mary Margret, you know, your best friend..she's left several emails on my computer, I'm sure yours too. She's worried about you! I assume you haven't even talked to her since she left?" Emma looked down with an ashamed look on her face, she should have at least called.

"No, you're going back to school." Regina sighed and slowly pulled herself up into sitting position. Regina was right, Emma thought to herself. It was time to be a mature young women and get her education! Become something of herself. "Alright." Emma said simply which had Regina whipping her head around, that was quick.


"Yes, alright. You're right." Emma nodded and moved over to Regina. "You're right."

Regina smiled weakly and leaned in, kissing Emma's lips. "I don't want to be..right. I just want to help you make wise choices. As your partner that is my job."

Emma smiled and giggled, "you are my partner. Huh?" Regina wrapped her arms around Emma's neck and leaned in, kissing her gently. "I am..." She wanted to say something like, 'no more stupid decisions.' But she decided that could start a huge fight. She had some huge resentment still towards Emma for leaving them but...she hoped that would mend itself, she didn't need to bring it up....
That night, Regina was going through her emails. She sighed when she head a loud beep noise which meant she had just received a new email. She scrolled back to the top and gasped, Victor Whale.

She looked around the living room and bit her lip, no one was around. She could hear Emma's shower water running and Henry's soft giggle coming from his play room.

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