Be Brave

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A few days had gone by and Regina hadn't been at school to teach. Emma hadn't heard from her since she left there house that Tuesday night.

"Morning class...I'm Mr. Brooks. I'll be filling in for Mrs. Mills..she may be out for a while and has requested me..I'll try to do my best to fill her shoes and do her justice but it's going to be hard." He chuckled softly as well as the rest of the class. "She's the best of the best."

Emma frowned and looked around at all the other students taking notes and writing things down as the new teacher spoke. She hadn't written anything down, she couldn't focus on anything right now. Only the fact that she hadn't heard from Regina or seen her in four days.

"Um...Ma'am." The teacher spoke, looking directly at Emma. "Name?"

"Emma. Emma Swan..." She whispered after a moment and sighed.

"You haven't even begun your notes."

"Yeah..yeah I know. Just one question? What's happened to Re- Mrs. Mills.."

"I'm afraid I can't say. That's personal business and none of mine or yours."

"Right well...I have to go." Emma picked up her books and began walking out of the class.

"Hey! Hey!"

She didn't turn around, she just kept walking right out of the classroom, right out of the building and right into the car. She didn't know what she was doing...she didn't think about it. She just started driving.

Regina sniffled and put on a load of Henry's laundry. "Mama!" Henry called weakly from the couch, he laid on the couch wrapped up in his blanket, only his face peaking out and the tips of his fingers as he held the Blanket around himself. "Yes little bug?"

" watch a movie with me?" Regina looked up from the laundry and sighed. The past few days she had been trying to keep herself occupied, staying busy so she wouldn't think, she wouldn't be still, she wouldn't cry, she would just keep moving. In that moment she realized she couldn't keep running, couldn't stop being with her baby boy because they had chosen to stop...stop fighting, stop trying, stop his suffering. She wouldn't ever say 'he's going to die' she wouldn't even think those words.

"Yes little bug...what movie?" She finally whispered, walking over to him and picking him up gently positioning him on her lap. Henry smiled up at her and leaned back against her chest. "How bout...hmmm..." He tapped his chin and sat in thought. "How bout Lion king!?" He squealed. Yup same little boy...Regina giggled and nodded. "Okay, mama will put it on. Did I record that one?"

"Yeah, I saw it."

"Okay bug.." Regina went to the DVR list and clicked on lion king, playing it. There was a knock on the door and Regina sighed.

"Oop. Hold on baby boy, mama will get it." Regina set Henry down and walked to the door, opening it. "He- Emma." She sighed.

"What the hell Regina! No call!? No text!?! I was panicking."

"W-why? Why do you care!? I've been taking care of my son."

"I care because-" she sighed and shook her head, "wait what? What's going on? Henry's okay right?" Regina looked down, biting the inside of her cheek, stepping aside and allowing Emma inside.

Emma saw Henry and gasped. Henry slowly looked up and smiled, his eyes blood shot, his hair completely gone. Not even peach fuzz, the veins in his head prominent. "Emmy! You here?" He still sounded the same, that beautiful little voice coming from such a beautiful baby boy. "Hi baby..." Emma walked up to him and picked him up gently. "Emmy." He leaned against her chest and smiled.

Regina watched and a tear rolled down her cheek. " please?"

Emma nodded and slowly stood up, setting Henry down. "Yeah sure." She walked into the kitchen and bit the inside of her cheek. "Is-is Henry okay? How''d treatment go?"

Regina shook her head and hugged herself. "He...he got really sick and...and was sobbing- no- wailing...he told me he couldn't..he didn't want to do this anymore...he wanted to be like normal kids...he's..he's done." Emma gasped and shook her head. "W-what! You..he..he's so strong...he can't be...he can't just be done!"

Tears welt up in Emma's eyes and she looked up at Regina. Regina snapped... She fell to the floor, hugging herself and shook her head. "Emma! I-I'm so..scared." She cried and Emma shook her head, getting on the floor and pulling Regina into her arms. Regina fought it at first but that didn't stop Emma. Emma held on tighter and whispered soothingly into her ear. "Shh...its Henry...he is so brave. You are too! You'll be perfectly okay."

Regina shook softly, "I am not ready just can't. I'm trying to let him..him do what..what he needs's hard. That's selfish but..I need my baby boy..he's all I have." Regina sobbed. Emma nodded and held her, rocking her gently. She realized something..Regina hadn't accepted what was happening. She hadn't said it out loud. She hadn't talked to anyone about it, she hadn't dealt with it.

" need to say it."

"Say w-" Regina caught on and shook her head. "I can't! I...I won't!" She cried and tried pulling out of Emma's arms.

"Hey..hey.." Emma held on to her and kissed the side of her head, not even thinking or caring about anything else right now. "You need to accept this..."

Regina stopped and cried softly, sniffling. "My son is...dying. My son is...dying." She began to hyperventilate and shake awfully. "Henry is..dy-"

"Okay okay..." Emma picked her up easily and held her tightly. "It's okay! Don't..don't worry." Emma began to cry softly as well. "I'm going to be right here...I'll help. I'll be right here." Emma whispered.

Regina slowly pulled back and looked at Emma. " will?"

"Of course..." She whimpered.

Regina didn't think, she didn't say anything more. She crashed her lips against Emma's and cupped her cheek in her hand. Emma was taken aback, she had wanted this more than anything and it was finally happening.

Emma wrapped her arms around Regina's waist, holding her up and she kissed her deeply. Regina gently pulled away and sniffled, leaning her head against Emma's.

"I'll be here...right here." Emma whispered as Regina pulled her into another searing kiss.


This is a shorter chapter! It was very emotional to write. I hope you liked this one.

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